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    Passing through the supermarket I noticed that today's headline in the Daily Mal [intentional pun] implies that eating meat — at all — gives you diabetes.

    Where do they get this utter rubbish from?

    I think I found the answer to that online: it seems it seems it is from "researchers" [that word again, ha ha] from the INSERM medical research institute in Paris.

    Here's the article for anyone who's interested (I don't know I can any longer be bothered to read this kind of utter nonsense any more myself):

    Eating too much meat 'raises risk of diabetes' even if they eat lots of fruit and vegetables too | Mail Online

    It could only even appear to make sense to anyone who was utterly ignorant of anthropological data — were Eskimo or Plains Indian or Maasai societies seething with diabetes? — and who didn't even know enough medical history to know that, before the isolation of insulin and the appearance of drugs, a low-carb diet was once the only treatment for diabetes

    I don't know why the wiseacres don't just hand out two pound bags of sugar to diabetes patients and be done with it.

    I can't do this justice. I don't know that the Caveman Doctor or Dr. Eades or Petro Dobromylskyj (Hyperlipid himself) could.

    It comes across as being more like the immunity to evidence, and indifference to such, and sheer determination to maintain intellectually bankrupt, but pleasing, interpretations of ideologues — Marxist-Leninists or Freudians or whatever …

    Final quote:

    Dr Richard Elliott, of Diabetes UK, said: ‘What we currently know for sure is that the best way to avoid type 2 diabetes is to maintain a healthy weight by getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat, salt and sugar.’
    ——ing idiot. Calories in/calories out. Furthermore, Mr. Genius asserts that we "know" that ludicrous model is true "for sure". We can't have much fat (or salt — but what that has to do with diabetes escapes me). There's a kind of dim awareness that "sugar" — by which he probably means table-sugar (sucrose) may be a problem for diabetics … you don't say? But he wants people to stuff up on "fruits and vegetables". Well, OK, above-ground vegetables are going to be OK, and fruit within reason … but he doesn't think fruit contains "sugar"? As a chemistry graduate I've got news for him.

    The hidden message here is to fill up with bread, pasta, and rice — what else are people going to fill their bellies with if they're not allowed fat?

    Like that's going to work! Pah! ...
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    I think this illustrates the problems with these studies. Meat and fat have been portrayed as "bad" for decades. People who ignore all the "healthy" recommendations will tend to eat more meat, more fat, more junk, fewer vegetables, smoke more, and get less exercise. All of these are correlated with unhealthy populations. Not all of them are causes of illness.