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How do you store your veggies?

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  • How do you store your veggies?


    Not really paleo specific but certainly related:

    How do you store your veggies? I've always kept mine in the fridge but now thats kinda getting over run!

    I've done this out of habit (I don't know where from!) and also a belief they may last a few days longer.

    Is this right?

    Or is it fine to get a veg rack and store them there? If so should it be in a dark space - i.e closed off pantry?... at room temperature?

    UK PBer

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    My root veg usually go in the bottom of a dark wooden cupboard in the kitchen. Potatoes definitely need to be stored in the dark.

    Tomatoes live on top of the fridge. I expect they last longer in the fridge but taste better when stored at room temperature.

    Green stuff in the fridge.


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      It depends on the type of vegetable. I always put leafy greens in the fridge. Also carrots, broccoli, stuff like that. Winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, never go in the fridge.


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        Thanks guys - yeah YodieWan seems I do similar thing to you!

        Thanks everyone!
        UK PBer


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          If it's in a cooled space at the store, put it in a cooled space in your home. If your fridge is full, get a bigger one, or better yet throw out all the crap in there!