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Cheese losing its appeal - what's up with that?

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  • Cheese losing its appeal - what's up with that?

    I don't consume excessive amounts of cheese, but I've always enjoyed it. Over the past few weeks, however, I've noticed after I eat a few nibbles, I'm almost put off by it, to the point where I don't even want it around me. What's the deal with that? (Side note - I am NOT lactose intolerant, nor do I experience any negative effects from eating cheese or milk products. I'm just confused by this sudden lack of adoration for a food I used to love.)

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    All I can say is it happens. I've had it happen with various foods for various periods of time. Chicken, eggs, jalapenos, vinegar based sauces and other stuff too.
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      It happens. Are you eating good raw organic one, or the run-of-the mill one? If it is run-of-the mill, it could be that you are put-off by the unnatural stuff in it.
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        I used to ingest peanut butter just walking into the kitchen. Now it tastes chemical and I can't eat it at all. Going to Paleo/Primal drastically changes your taste buds because real food tastes nothing like manufactured junk. If you want to eat cheese, try some that are very different than what you used to eat. Example if you liked cheddar, switch to very aged Blue cheeses. Or just move on to something else entirely.


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          Yes, I suppose it could be that my taste buds are changing. I'm eating good-quality stuff, but still there are times when I'll take a bite and suddenly it's just like - yuck. I expected this to happen with junk/crap foods, but not real food. It doesn't happen all the time, and not on the first bite, but if I go for more than a few little nibbles, the enjoyment factor is just . . . . gone.


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            Mmm. Boy do I love cheese. I used to hate it but recently I have grown to love it more and more.

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              On a positive note, some foods have gladly lost their appeal. The other day I took a bite of a trick-or-treat sized Kit-Kat and it tasted like wax. Can't believe I used to love it.


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                I have had it happen with coffee. Seriously, one moment to another I couldn't stand the taste of it (smell was still quite appealing, though). I thought it was my coffee maker or perhaps the coffee grounds - but for a while I couldn't drink any coffee whatsoever.

                The funny thing is that when this happened, I quite coffee cold turkey and didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever (while before I had tried to quit for a while and couldn't because of headaches etc.). I seemed like my body just had enough of coffee for a while!

                It lasted a few months for me and now I enjoy 1-2 cups daily (before the eh 'reset' happened I usually had about 3-5 cups daily, though).

                I hope it won't happen again It's not just the actual drink itself, but coffee is just... an 'experience' for me. I don't want to have to miss that again!

                But yes, taste preferences can change 'suddenly' for seemingly no reason. No idea what's up with it, but if it's not about something vital to your diet I think it's best to go with it. After a while you could try some good cheese again to see if you enjoy it at that point.


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                  I've had several foods I used to like become foods I no longer like. Also the reverse. The worst change for me was 'fried cheese sandwiches'. I've loved them since I was a child. My very favorite lunch. Because they include bread I haven't had any for over a year. Today I did have one. I could remember the taste. They were soooo good.

                  No Longer. I'm sorry I had one. The bad taste of chemicals lingers on - from the bread. The cheese (cheddar) is the same cheese I've been eating for 1.5 weeks and it's still good. But the bread taste is just awful.
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                    We found that we kinda went off cheese when we threw the bread and crackers out, but have just recently reintroduced it with nachoes and lasagne (using courgettes as the pasta layer).

                    It's still awesome cooked with meat.
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                      I was eating a block of TJ's NZ grass-fed cheese almost every week all year. Maybe it's the season changing, maybe I'm just tired of it, but I just got tired of it and switched to raw milk and yogurt and it's a refreshing change of pace. I know I'll get a hankering for it again in a few. No big deal.
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