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I dont get cranky when hungry! Yay!

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  • I dont get cranky when hungry! Yay!

    Hi! I dont really have a question, it's more something I want to share, as I was reading this morning about being Fat-adapted and it made me realize that I can now skip or delay a meal without feeling aggressive, pout or just be plain disagreeable to people around me.

    It felt like a Yay! victory moment when I realized that, and I wanted to mention it.

    In the past years on SAD diet with just a little (hum, huge) extra high carbs, I have been often told that I may be hypoglycaemic because of my dizziness and mood swings occurring when I wasn't eating regularly (every 2 or 3 hours or so) but I took a test once and it came back ok and my doctor didn't offer any other opinion on that. I ended up thinking I was just in a bad mood more often than the average person.

    Been Primal for 3 months now and if I need to push back lunch time to finish up something at work it's ok. If I need to run errands after work and end up going home and having dinner at 8pm, it's ok. I can work out in the morning before breakfast and I don't feel dizzy. I don't get cranky when I am hungry and I don't live for the next meal anymore, I realize I was doing that before being Primal.

    I had cut refined white sugar from my diet back in April but was still eating lots of pasta, bread, pizza and other empty high carbs low nutrients food. Cutting sugar made me feel less guilty about eating junk food but didn't really help anything else at that time considering my very bad eating habits. It's just now, after 3 months of PBP that I can really feel a difference and put it into words. And it feels great!

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    In my family we call that getting "Hangry"

    It is a great thing to get rid of!!

    I've been eating a bit too much sugar lately and have found I getting that awful nausea that I used to get EVERY time I got hungry. I'm sure it must be the result of unstable blood sugar.

    Congrats on your success and thanks for sharing!!
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      I remember my same "aha" moment. I was in court early, no time for breakfast, and then got delayed and didn't have a chance to grab any lunch. Around 3 PM I realized I hadn't eaten since dinner the night before, and had no issues with energy or mood. I was hungry, but "felt" totally fine. Before, I could almost never go more than 3 hours without at least a protein bar or whatever, or I'd get grouchy.

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        That's great news and one of the definite bonuses of this way of eating.
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          Yay ~ glad to hear it. Isn't it awesome? I find it so liberating to not have to worry about making sure I have food on hand. I can remain hungry for hours without the old "MUST EAT NOW" crankiness, shakiness, and weakness. Welcome to the club.