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Tips For Surviving At Work During The Holidays

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    Originally posted by mmmpork View Post
    Also think about what the thing is made out of. Contemplating the poor quality of the ingredients used to make it is usually sufficient for me to have NO DESIRE to even taste it (bleached flour, refined bleached sugar, factory farmed eggs, vegetable shortening...).
    All of my eggs are free-range now, so just thinking of the pale, runny yolks of grocery store eggs will put me off of a lot of baked goods. For some reason, gluten doesn't gross me out nearly enough.
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      Originally posted by LemonMarie View Post

      You all have such good ideas. I was wondering if anyone would share how they are able to keep from being tempted at work during the holidays? Here at my job they are planning holiday meals already. There is a sign up sheet for cakes, pies, breads, and all the other usually holiday food. I know I need to dig deep and use my will power, but does anybody do anything during the holidays at work luncheons to help them not be tempted? In the past I've just not gone in to the room where they've had all the food layed out. I know I appear non social, and I've said in the past that I needed to keep my blood sugar in check (which I do). But people come in to my classroom (seriously), with slices of food, and even asking if I've been in to eat. They all know I'm diabetic. Just curious to see what other people do. Have a great evening.
      Well, I'm going to a holiday party with my job... there's going to be lots of baked goods, to be sure, but there's also going to be turkey and other perfectly primal things. I plan to eat lots of meat, some potatoes and probably a dessert or two. I don't have diabetes though. If I did, I would just munch on the turkey. They are having meat, right?
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        Artemis67- Yes, you are fortunate that you work for yourself (for many reasons)! I love your ideas to take for holiday get-togethers at work. Thanks for sharing. Actually I AM allergic to wheat, it's funny you mentioned that. And you are right. I think some people would be happy to others fail at losing weight or be. Telling them that you are on a diet has never worked for me.


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          I'll also carry a constantly half-full plate around as I mingle, because an empty plate or no plate at all brings out all the nosy people who wonder why I'm not eating, or haven't gone back for more.
          OMG, I do it too. Perfect strategy!
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            Lutefisk will end the party quickly