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O_O the internetz knows what I'm doin'..

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  • O_O the internetz knows what I'm doin'..

    That's a Dutch site about train and bus schedules...

    How on Earth did Mark's advert for supplements end up there?!

    (I know, Google keeps track of what site you're viewing and shows adverts accordingly, but... it's a bit creepy. )
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    It ain't makin' me any thinner
    I eat a sandwich for break-fast
    And then I have a sugar blast!
    I eat toasted bread for lunch
    And enjoy my mid-day crunch!
    At dinner I eat pasta
    And end my day with a sugar disasta!"

    From the How am I not starving??? thread. Enjoy the read.

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    HTTP cookies. You can go to your browser's settings and clear them. There has to be a way to have them disabled too. But yeah, they keep track of your internet browsing and ads and stuff pop up all the time.