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  • Being cold

    While outside in the cold and your body is working hard to stay warm, what are you burning, fats or carbs?

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    Both. And look into cold thermogenesis.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
      Both. And look into cold thermogenesis.
      I second this. Very interesting stuff. Brown adipose tissue is a special type of fat that essentially burns regular fat (maybe carbs too, not sure about that) to produce heat. More cold exposure increases your ability to do this. Babies and rodents are known for this but adults can do it too.

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        I love the chill of winter and the thermogenesis! Makes you feel alive, as the old folks used to say.


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          Cant wait to read the posts on this, I thought I'd have a hard time readjusting to the cold after living down south for 8 years but im not. Yesterday while shopping I strolled in jeans and a tee while everyone else had heavy jackets / winter clothing on and wondered the same topic. The day before that shorts and a tee, which earned me the 'where's your jacket' line repeatedly.

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            Wore shorts today in 55 degree weather. Felt good.

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              I did a 4 mile walk this morning in shorts and a light long sleeve shirt. The cold felt brisk but good, only problem was the ice cold toes from my vibrams.

              Temperature extremes never really bothered me, but it will be interesting to see how my first primal winter goes!


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                Originally posted by fifer View Post
                I love the chill of winter and the thermogenesis! Makes you feel alive, as the old folks used to say.
                makes me feel like going inside and jumping into the sauna
                fats are the new sweets!


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                  Did a bit of research on CT, the benefits look outstanding. I will be working cold showers into my life and will be taking advantage of this upcoming New York winter.


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                    Care to discuss disclose some cold tolerance theory ?
                    I take the cold some days, and can't stand it others.
                    I haven't quite been diet primal consistently though.
                    And I don't see the pattern between good and bad days, diet or cold tolerance wise.

                    Is primal - higher fat, lower carb, the connection?
                    or am I confusing the "sugars" bunch and higher metabolism / body temp group?

                    did I miss a chapter in the blueprint ?


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                      By experience alone, I've "felt" all relative temperatures in every season regardless of what I eat. But that's perceptual. I haven't checked my temperature!

                      I also ask the same, because some days my hands are on fire and some days they are like ice.
                      Crohn's, doing SCD


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                        Maybe it's the environmental factors, humidity, wind, dew point, etc. May want to include how hydrated you are and your sodium intake.

                        Just thoughts on what may change how the body feels.


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                          In my experience, activity level has a profound effect on temperature perception. If I feel kinda chilly but then do a heavy weight lifting session, I feel warm for hours afterwards.


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                            What a great reason to sign up for polar plunges this winter.


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                              I also love being inside by a real fire and looking out the window at a wintry landscape!

                              Cold toes in VFFs is the worst though!