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What are your opinions on my doctor's solution for constipation?

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  • What are your opinions on my doctor's solution for constipation?

    I have been severely constipated for months, about half of which I've been on minocycline for my acne. I've been taking probiotics as well. Since nothing is helping, I broke down and made an appointment with my doctor (I really don't agree with traditional medicine these days because of the complete ignorance towards nutrition).

    Immediately he asked me, "Do you get enough fiber?" to which I rolled my eyes and said "Yeah, I probably get too much". I've been trying to eat more primal and reduce the amount of carbs/fiber I get to see if that will help, so hearing that really didn't make me too thrilled. He then insisted that I need to take Miralax. He started saying how it just goes through your G.I. tract without getting absorbed by the body (really? I'm gonna need your guys' opinion on this one) and that I need to be on it for the rest of my life. Yes, you heard me, my doctor wants me to take a laxative FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

    I'm stuck; I'm so constipated and uncomfortable that I thought I'd be willing to try anything, but I really have to think about this one and get some opinions. I want to be HEALTHY and heal my gut and see if that will do anything for my constipation, but I've tried nearly everything and I'm running out of options. What would YOUR instincts tell you to do?

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    Eat a lot of fruit. I see that you are low-carb, but really, you are not doing yourself any favors. Just my 2 cents.


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      I've had the same problem and believe me more fiber doesn't work. I'd tried all that.

      Eat High Fats, low carb. Low meaning 100 - 150 g. High fats meaning 70%. Give it 2-3 months. It will probably only take less than 1 month. Expect much less total output. Look at the Bristol poop scale.
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        Keep the minocyclin; stop the probiotics. Add 1-2 carrots a day away from meals, decrease/drop PUFAs and green vegetables, have an aspirin with coffee at breakfast. Don't take the laxatives.


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          I would take the miralax for a few days just to get things moving again. Miralax really is not absorbed by the body, it just draws water in to your gut. It's pretty benign.

          Long term, I would try increasing water intake, taking small doses of coconut oil, adding in some magnesium and getting a good probiotic. For people with constipation, the Garden of Life one seems to work well. Stupidly expensive, but I don't think you need to take as much as they say.

          Good luck!
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            have you given magnesium a try ???????
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            ...small steps....


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              I would also say try magnesium first. Natural Calm at bedtime works well for that.
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                I think minocyclin has been shown to disrupt gut flora over time, so you may have changed the bacteria in your gut leading to the GI difficulties.
                Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                  When you say "fiber" what type of fiber are you talking about? There is soluble fiber and insoluble fiber I dramatically cut back insoluble fiber and increased soluble fiber in the form of sweet potato(I gave up ZC/VLC because I don't believe that is the right way to eat for me. You need to eat prebiotics which will enable you to go without straining. I went twice today and during ZC/VLC I was straining for my once every 3 poop that was reminiscent of little rocks. You should look into Chris Kressors post about FODMAPS it changed my life


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                    More fruit, and most especially prunes. That's what works for me.
                    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                      From what I've read cereal fibre simply increases the frequency of your stools, but doesn't make you less constipate. General fibre (from fruits veggies) either helps or does nothing.

                      Eating lots of prunes may be one method. So is increasing your salt intake, or drinking more water. You may want to use the drug for a while, but not your whole life.
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                        My grandpa had the same issue with his bowel. He used the laxative for a few days. After that he started to take 1 tbsp of flaxseed every morning. It works great for him. Maybe you can give it a try.
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                          I'd also suggest magnesium citrate is worth a try. Otherwise the only "fibre" (sorry I'm from the uk...hence my spelling) I'd look at would be psillieum (sp?)


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                            hey there

                            sorry that you are feeling so crummy. i would agree with previous posts suggesting adding a bit more fruit and definitely more fat. from a personal perspective- nuts, prunes and figs can work well, as can psyllium husks mixed with water. (had to do the drug-free thing during preganacy). the problem you can have with medical laxatives is that eventually you will need to take more of them to get the same effect, as your bowel becomes reliant on them to function.

                            also- constipation is when the stool is hard and compacted, often difficult to pass. you can go daily and still be constipated. bristol stool chart is good for a visual aid to determine what you've got


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                              I'm shocked that a doctor would tell a patient to medicate for the rest of her life before going in a nutritional or supplement direction. Did you ask her/him if she/he owned a lot of stock in the company that produces the laxative?

                              I think I'd be trying the suggestions above, and trying to find a sweet spot between eating lower carb and increasing fruit. IOW, berries are on the lower carb end of fruits, but I'm a poopin' machine during strawberry season. Increasing things like mango will be carby. Some people also seem to go faster (sometimes too fast) if they eat coconut oil. Also, you might try warm liquids throughout the day - bone broth, a cup of coffee or tea, even warm lemon water.

                              ETA: There's also senna in the form of tea. It can be addictive like any other laxative, but if you can use it to get out from under chronic constipation, then wean yourself off of it, it might help.
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