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    Originally posted by moluv View Post
    Practicing in the shower is a great idea. Everyone is different but I think the basics involve moving the labia (like with peace fingers) and tilting the hips down and forward so you're aimed more forward than down. Then you employ all those kegels you've been doing your whole life and forcibly pee as far away from your shoes and clothes as possible. Towards the end you could start dribbling though so be prepared for that. I can't even believe I'm about to type this but to see a demo you could check out some golden showers pr0n.

    I will admit that I've never peed standing up fully clothed that I didn't get at least a few drops on my clothes, but usually I'm in the woods and am filthy anyways.
    Talk about a life hack! I'm sure the ladies that I was referring to had wished they read this.