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    I think there will be a caveat for people who don't want maternity coverage coming down the pike, honestly. But, yes, this is our hack, too -- for this year at least.

    Then, we'll see how we go.

    We are self employed, too, and so far, I feel like our insurance options are way better than what DH was getting through his employer 5 years ago. And this is for our family of three. Seriously, I feel like $335 with $5k deductable PPO that's 80/20 is really cheap.


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      Seems to me that a wise consumer would try to negotiate a better price with anything like this where you are considering switching to a different provider. Car insurance, home water delivery, whatever.
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        Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
        Thanks, Magnolia.

        I wonder if they'll force maternity coverage on post menopausal women. You know, just in case our eggs miraculously start bouncing around again.
        why not, they are forcing it on men.....


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          Originally posted by texas.grok View Post
          This is called "Bread and circuses" or panem et circenses. Kardashians, 24/7 sports, free bread (through entitlement programs like food stamps), etc. Why work? Why worry? The Nanny State will take care of them for only the small fee of loss of freedom, loss of dignitary and if you are working, enslavement through taxation.

          But hey! Don't we have a nifty new carrier that can bomb those pesky countries that we can't buy off (The USS Gerald R. Ford. Is that the best president you could think of to name it after? I guess the USS Bill Clinton is being reserved for a submarine, you know, long, hard and full of....never mind. I can see the pictures in the newspaper now, the USS Bill Clinton sailing into the mouth of the harbor of Naval Station Monica Lewinsky....sorry.).

          Nothing more than flocks of sheep being led to slaughter.
          There is a submarine named for Carter.....