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Could I actually have a grain allergy/intollerance?

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  • Could I actually have a grain allergy/intollerance?

    So I have been primal/paleo (closer to paleo) for 10 weeks and feeling amazing. Weight is falling off nicely and not too quickly. I am feeling strong and healthy for the first time in 20 years! Here is what happened last night...

    I made my grandchildren dinner which was Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni (I know, ICK, but they won't change their diet just for a day at grandma's house). It was just about done cooking and I wanted to be sure the noodles were cooked so I tried 2 little tiny macaroni noodles to be sure they were cooked. About an hour later, I felt so bloated and gross. My stomach was gurgling and the stomach acid was in my throat for hours! I actually had to take 2 antacids which I have not had to take in months.

    Previous to giving up grains and crap food, I never had any issues (that I was aware of). Is is possible that I truely have an intollerance or allergy to wheat? I do have hypothyroid issues but have never been tested to see if it is an autoimmune type.

    I was just curious as to all you experts' thoughts. Either way...real allergy/intollerance or was a VERY good lesson learned. Next time I will have the kids try the noodles to make sure they are done!

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    As you weaned from grains and wheat, your tolerance has vanished. Your gut flora has changed some and now, it makes you feel like crap. Same here, and I can tell you, I loved my daily baguettes and croissants ... cannot have them now, almost 2 years without.


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      I am no expert. I haven't had a noodle of any sort for almost 2 years, and just avoid it like the plague!!

      I think most people are sensitive to gluten, but don't notice because they are always putting it into their bodies. Your gut has healed up from your former SAD days, so you notice right away if something isn't right.

      If you haven't, try introducing the kids to spaghetti squash (mine will eat them if they come with meatballs), that a great kid friendly paleo meal.

      Keep up the great eating habits!!!