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Gallbladderless,full hysto, and hypothyroid mom

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  • Gallbladderless,full hysto, and hypothyroid mom

    I'm introducing my mom to primal. She is 54, just had a hysterectomy a few months back due to stage 1 ovarian cancer, had her gall bladder removed probably 15 years ago, and for a while now has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I've read the thyroid problem will most likely fix itself with the new lifestyle, but what should I look out for or be aware of with the other problems? Thanks!

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    I had my gallbladder out about 20 years ago. Had a hysterectomy last May and have a slow thyroid but not enough to warrant meds according to the doc.

    This lifestyle has been great for me. I can't eat broccoli, cauliflower or onions since losing my gallbladder without getting bad gas, and digestive problems. Otherwise, I eat Primal and I have no problems. In fact, my digestion and my hormones have never been better.

    Good luck to your mom.
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      The thyroid requires iodine to be healthy. There is a nationwide iodine deficiency epidemic that is described in this excellent book: The Iodine Crisis: What You Don't Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life: Lynne Farrow, David Brownstein MD: 9780986032004: Books
      The author describes how she cured her breast cancer & thyroid problems with iodine.

      In women, the iodine deficiency also causes goiter, thyroid nodules, brain fog, fibrocystic breasts which lead to breast cancer, ovary cysts & problems with the uterus. In men, iodine deficiency causes prostate problems & testosterone deficiency later in life. The deficiency crises is caused by halogen chemicals that are in our food, water, drugs & envoronment. These toxins displace iodine from our body:
      Iodine deficiencies & dosages

      This is a 2 step process, 1st detox all of the toxins out of our cells, then supplement with enough iodine to prevent the toxins from getting back in.

      See this report for the Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol:

      PS) Iodine supplementation could have prevented the hysterectomies. All female organs require iodine to be healthy. Sickly iodine deficient organs tend to get cancerous. Even then, high doses of iodine have been proven to reverse cancers. We had a case in my home town where a woman was sent to home hospice to die with terminal cancer of the uterus & vagina and her cancer was reversed in only 9 months, now cancer free & happy.
      Also see our testimonials, many from here at Marks Daily Apple:

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        I have read around here that supplementing ox bile can help make up for the lack of gall bladder. You may have trouble processing the increased fats (relative to the standard American diet anyway) without it.
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