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State Fair of Texas

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  • State Fair of Texas

    Went with my wife and some friends to opening day at the fair yesterday. We had a great time. I tried as many of the new deep fried treats as I could.

    The fried Cuban roll was good, basically pulled pork in an egg roll. The deep fried Thanksgiving Dinner was disappointing, only that it was not worth the price.

    Basically it was stuffing with some turkey rolled into a ball and deep fried.

    The deep fried Nutella was ok. It was phyllo dough stuffed with Nutella and fried.

    I had one of my usual favorites, the deep fried PB&J. So greasy and so good!

    Give your self a break from primal/paleo and indulge in some crazy stuff. Yes, I paid for it today. ugh.....

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    I'm looking forward to a giant turkey leg, and german french fries, and see where things take me from there!


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      Ooh, I've never seen the deep-fried PBJ. I'll have to look for that if we go this year. When we go we usually buy several fried things, but everyone shares, taking a bite or two, so it's not so scary. And then I top it off with a big ole turkey leg. Yum, yum!


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        Is the PBJ battered before frying or just dunked in "au naturel"?


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          Yup, gotta do it sometimes though. Heck GROK did!


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            I've been eating something made from non-organic wheat every week. Not so bad. After it comes out the other end.
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