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Nutrition and plasma donation

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  • Nutrition and plasma donation

    Today I went and donated some plasma. I have done this in the past no reaction. Today I did it and became queasy and clammy. They wouldn't let me leave until I drank 2 capri suns and some sort of juice that had more sugar. They also had me eat some cookies. During this time I told them that I generally don't drink juices or eat wheat products. They said that I could have a diffetent type of cookie if that would make a difference. They took my pulse and bp several times. My pulse at its highest was 122 they were concerned.

    When I finally convinced them to let me leave after walking a few minutes I almost passed out. I sat down andrested for a few minutes. I walked to the nearest food. It took twice as long to get there then it should have. I had burger. It took about 20 min to feel somewhat normal. But any amount of light walking made me queasy and light headed for the rest of the day.

    Before I left they told me that before I donate I should of had a big meal with high carbs. The tuna and avocado that I had does not constitute as a real meal. I believe if I didn't indulge there wishes in drinking the juice and eating the cookie it would not have been so bad on me. you would think they should have had a protein source to offer instead of only a sugar protocol. I sm not sure if I am going back. If I do I will bring something with just in case. Now I have a thirst that just won't quit.

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    I've been a plasma donor for a while now, and about the only problem I had was 'viscous' blood that made the whole thing take way longer than it should.

    Are you low carbing? What's wrong with potatoes?
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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      I used to donate plasma twice a week for over six months. I would eat a "diet" hot dog or two before I went (i.e. about 80 calories of whateverthehell is in diet hot dogs). The one thing you do have to be vigilant about is hydration. Go over the fact sheet and if you ignore everything else, don't ignore the hydration instructions. I don't think I got any instructions about carbs and I always cut that artificial fruity stuff they give out by about half with water - that stuff tastes like some kind of horrifying baby medicine to me.

      Drink a bunch of water before, and drink a bunch afterwards. Don't starve yourself, but no need to pack in a Thanksgiving dinner.
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        It took a little longer than it nornally did. And though I didn't drink water, I did have a whole lot of green tea. They thought that might have been too much caffine.

        I am vlc and try not to eat quick reacting carbs unless I worked out. I have even donated in the past after a lifting heavy day with only eating my normal bf of 2 eggs and bacon and a protein drink after said exercise.

        Yes, the capri sun was disgusting

        Thanks for tips. :-)