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    Anyone out there's successfully worked with the admin at a school, private or otherwise, to get some healthier food options provided for their kiddos?

    Our 9-month old baby girl has been 100% Primal since birth - breast milk, avocado, fruits, egg yolks, gf beef, salmon, chicken thighs, veggies (green and starchy), and some Kerrygold butter. She is a very good eater!

    She's starting to grasp for smaller bits of food and I know we are approaching the time where the purées aren't going to cut it.

    She is enrolled in a daycare within a Montessori school. The admin seems relatively progressive but their "menu" leaves a lot to be desired. It's typical SAD kid food - chicken nuggets, fish sticks, cookies, pizza, fruit cups, etc. All of the items are provided through Sysco Foods.

    My wife has celiac and I have acute wheat and barley allergies. I made mention of the school giving consideration to having gluten-free options at a minimum, but also told the school manager I would love to sit down with her and talk about nutrition, to which she seemed very open.

    So, I'm wondering if any of you parents out there have done this, what your success was, and any tips/lessons you may have to offer.

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    Get a note from your doctor that says something like "Based on the dietary needs of this family and the high probability of issues being genetic, this child needs to stay on a gluten/wheat/barley free diet." See if you can get the doctor to include something about why testing would not be beneficial at this time (going on SAD for 30 days, then the testing, at a crucial brain development time or some such.)

    You may need to provide the food yourself, which would also include snacks. Which depending on your state and the child care laws may or may not be allowed. With a doctor's note they should HAVE to provide the food that she needs if the state says that no outside food is allowed. (Laws governing day cares and preschools are just outrageous in some states.) If they have to provide, do expect it to be more junky SAD without gluten food.


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      Good lord, and they wonder why children get so overweight.... that's all fried and sugary foods!! You'd expect them to at least offer a salad or something. I'm sure there are more children on that school that are gluten intolerant.
      It's a good thing they are open to talk maybe you can convince them to add at least some healthy food.
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        Consider homeschooling or provide food for your little one. I also wanted to give you a kudos for raising that baby right!!!!


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          I pack all my child's food since age 5 or so and signed the forms that forbids the before and afterschool care to give her anything but fresh vegetables and fruit.
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