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  • Convincing my girlfriend

    Hello, this is my absolute first time posting to this forum, so please let me know if I do anything wrong or this is in the wrong place!

    My girlfriend has been having various health problems in the last few years such as heartburn, bloating, stomach pain, etc.. A lot of digestive problems. I think what we've all discovered here, the primal lifestyle, could be of tremendous help to her!

    She won't give me the time of day to discuss it with her. To her, it's as though I'm trying to sound like a health know-it-all. She'll listen on if I'm talking about something profound I learned in college related to my major, but she know's I'm not a health expert so she'd rather keep seeing her doctors, who -- by the way-- have yet to successfully aide her in restoring her digestive problems. They just keep tossing around medical terminology and sending her different places to get tests! Then she goes home only to receive a phone call stating that the test result were OK!

    Myself, I feel morally obligated to share this with her. She wouldn't make it all the way through Mark's book, because even Mark uses technical language that just wouldn't fly with her.

    Does anyone have suggestions or ways that they successfully shared the primal lifestyle with your loved ones or those you care about?

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    Just be an example and let her come to you. Back off 100%. Eat delicious, nutritious food in front of her and keep your mouth shut about why. She'll come along. I've "converted" 2 ladies with this method over the past several years.
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      +1 to rich mahogany.

      my son introduced me to mda. I wasn't a hard-sell because i had noticed that my long standing vegetarian diet had left me with gut issues, low energy and too much "soft-ness." I'm MUCH older than your gf (like, her g'mother's age!), but one thing that convinced me was to look at mark's and carrie's pictures. They walk the talk.

      The other thing that helped was the fitness advice, as in "don't do so gd much!"


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        I agree with RM. Get a couple of great paleo/primal cookbooks leave them out so she can look at them, but don't say anything, just start cooking!

        Cookbooks |
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          Never try to convince anyone. You've already blown it since she now sees you as a "know-it-all". She now has to save face by digging in to her position all the harder.
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            Hahaha convincing a girl to do something she doesn't believe hahahahaha.

            Phew. Good luck there.

            In all seriousness, just do your thing. If she "thinks up" going primal on her own, she'll do it.


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              run. fast and far. if she is close minded about not eating wheat or processed food, imagine how awful she'll be when something serious comes up. this might be a sign...


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                ok, you're all right and i was wrong in my advice. (i mean that, no snarkiness involved...). You really can't convince someone who already has pegged the OP as a know it all. The "show" advice (with the envy that will undoubtedly follow) may be headed off with a "but YOU'RE a guy" nonsense. But at least you know something about your gf that you wouldn't know otherwise. Consider yourself warned...


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                  Paging Mr.Perfidy...


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                    If she is like me you should show her the show doctor Oz did on Paleo eating... He had many questions but it turned to be very convincing. PB isn't as hard to do as Paleo so it might be easier for her...

                    and of course what Mahogany might work... you cook for her and get her to eat good food...
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                    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                      Some people respond well to success stories... maybe direct her to the bazillion people Mark posts that gave up gluten and found health. No science required LOL

                      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                        Originally posted by Grokules View Post
                        Paging Mr.Perfidy...

                        OP, I was wondering if anyone would suggest penning occult-themed manuscripts that delve into the dimensions of the nature of your true feelings, and then have her discover them.

                        (who predicted that would end bad again...?)
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                          I suggest buying her these 2 books and let her make up her own mind:

                          The Dr. Davis book & website
                          Wheat Belly Blog | Lose the Wheat Lose the Weight

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                            Eat like a predator and ignore the dumbness of some people. If she has not the sense to see the right path when you show it to her then just lead the way and see if she follows. If she does not follow then make sure you loose her and find a paleo babe.

                            My wife is following, she hides if I look but I know she is back there, she just does not want to do it because I said she should.

                            However you might ask your dingbat wench if she thinks it is possible to self educate oneself in a personal course of study?
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                              The guy I am dating isn't paleo, but is surprised he doesn't have headaches and crash after work ever since he replaced Oreos with a clean whey protein blended with banana and almond milk ( I suggested this). He is also surprised he isn't hungry/peckish anymore. Little by little he is asking for half rice noodles and double veggies/meat from his Thai takeout, eating less junk, eating more protein...

                              He is mostly becoming convinced because he feels good by cutting junk out and because he sees me eating twice the amt of meat he can eat at a brazilian grill and stay lean.
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