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Getting rid of internet at home

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    We have considered it, but because I run my business from home, it's not really an option to let it go completely. We also manage the household online as well.

    That being said, we are actually pretty good about it's use.

    Generally, there's no internet/computing in the am before leaving the house. Computers are packed away to go at night (this is also good in case of emergency, we can just grab our bags and go).

    We use it for about an hour or two before we have dinner, and then for perhaps another hour to watch a TV program, show or movie after dinner (family screen time -- so kid friendly). DH and I might watch another 1-2 hrs per week on top of that.

    We let go of cable tv in 1999, and we are planning on not having cell phones when we return to the US (we don't really use them other than to call each other). We'll use our landline for the business.

    Typically, we are off the internet by 8:30 pm -- just reading or hanging out. DH and I might also write. Sometimes I stay up late doing work, too. But usually, we go quiet around 8:30 -- probably use about 4 hrs a night at home.

    It's good, though. Mellow.
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      This is always a dillema for me because I mindlessly surf a lot, but as has been said, if it wasn't for internet I wouldn't have discovered paleo / primal which has changed my life. At the moment I am not using internet at home as I do feel the benefit of getting more done in terms of chores and being generally more active when my router is stowed away in the cellar for a few days. It helps that I live near an awesome new library with long opening hours though.
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        I actually use a software called X3Watch, which blocks all the distracting websites for you.


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          We gave it a try for a bit. But, now that we run the business at home, we definitely need it.


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            These days, I do the great majority of internetting on my smartphone. So two years ago I canceled my TV/internet account with Comcast. I also haven't had a landline phone since I first got a cell phone, so paying Verizon for a data plan isn't a big deal to me.

            Every quarter, I take an art class over at the community college. So if I need to up/download large files, or want to watch a bunch of videos without going over my usage limit, I take my laptop over there, log in to their super-fast wireless, and git 'er done. I'm also one of those people hanging out with her laptop in Starbucks and other coffee shops during the day, because I work better away from home.

            But probably 90% of my time online is conducted via my phone. And that's been a big help to me because there's only so much time at a stretch that I can stand to look at this little screen and peck away one-fingered at the tiny keyboard, so I have to go do other things for a while. There have been times in my life (not good times) when I would spend the better part of a day lumped in a chair at my desk, letting the Internet eat up hours of my life. It was really easy to do that. And these days, I'd rather not make it easy.


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              Having internet at home makes it too easy to surf mindlessly and harder to disconnect from work. We had a year or two where we lived with no internet or limited bandwidth, and was able to spend a lot of quality time together. Nowadays, we both do our own thing online. The place where we live has free wi-fi, so it's really convenient not always in a good way.

              When my daughter says to me me 'mama, no phone/laptop,' it's time to stop working.