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    Every once in awhile I find a fellow service member asking for advice on how to live primally in the military. No small task. There always seems to be a small primal/paleo community on post that you can find, but I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a community you can always come to regardless of what country you're in at the time?

    So I started this thread. I hope we all learn a lot from eat other, and help each other out.

    1. all branches, spouses, families, and nations are welcome
    2. be respectful when pointing out your branch is the best (clearly)
    3. feel free to share tips/suggestions/advice/rants, but remember to keep it OPSEC
    4. it should go without saying to keep the personal attacks for our choice of job to yourself

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    So, I am RittenRemedy, RR, Ritten, or whatever. I'm army for three years, stationed in Korea.

    The best thing about the army? Money for college. Yes I sold my soul. Well, booting myself out of the house and getting a kick start into adulthood wasn't too bad, if a little painful.

    How primal am I? Eating plants and animals wise I am somewhere around 80/20. I prepare my own food almost entirely, so my 20% is at least 90% alcohol, the rest being bad oils and sweet marinades from the otherwise wonderful and mostly primal beef and leafs and a small amount of rice or a rare handful of tortilla chips and salsa.

    What am I struggling with? Lots, mostly stress. I landed myself in a job for which I have no talent, so even though my grades in school were top, I feel like a dumbass, which isn't great for self esteem. I am not athletically talented either, except for swimming, and I was injured in training in 2011. It never really healed right, so I have a lot of problems with my shoulder and back. It makes working our really difficult, so if anyone has suggestions for that they would be greatly appreciated.

    Let's see I've been to DLI, the language school, and Korea and that's about it, if anyone has questions about that.


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      How do you like Korea, RR? My husband was stationed there (not primal, though I'm pretty sure he'd benefit from it) for almost a year I think. He loved it. He got out because the Army broke him (back injury) and is now enjoying the education benefits.
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        It's okay; it all depends on what the unit wants me to do at the moment and who I'm with. Funny, the army/Korea seems to break a lot of us.