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Anxiety back with a vengeance after flu

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  • Anxiety back with a vengeance after flu

    Hi, I'll try to explain this as well as I can.
    I've suffered from anxiety/depressions my whole life and have been kept from going to school because of it.
    I started on an education a month ago, and I started out great, hadn't had anxiety for 3-4 months when I started. I had been eating primal for a few months aswell.

    Then 3 weeks in, I got a nasty flu that put me down for a week. It completely threw me off course with school, food, everything. I started eating milk chocolate and drinking cola again while I was sick, instead of eating good foods. I also ran out of a few supplements, so for about a week I havn't been taking: Vitamin D, multi vitamins, fish oil and probiotics.
    So, the last 4-5 days my paralyzing anxiety has been back with a vengeance. I feel horrible, and I couldn't get myself to school today. My brain is foggy, my body is extremly tired and I sleep 11-12 hours a night atm. I'm sad, depressed, had thoughts of dropping out of school and being a failure once again. The days and weeks seem too long, and I can't overcome anything.

    Do you have any advice? What should I do? I'm waiting for my supplements to arrive, and I'm eating as well as I can again. My heart and stomach is nervous all the time, it's a horrible feeling, I can never relax when I'm in this state. And when I can't relax, I can't recharge.
    I'm also buying a light therapy lamp, I usually get very winther depressed (even more so than in the summer, that is).
    Desperate for quick fixes, even though, I should know by now, that they don't exist.

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    Hi Katharina and thanks for sharing your situation. In your post I did not notice any mention of any physical activity or exercise. I can suffer from anxiety/depression at times as well and have found the only and always best solution for me has been physical expenditure. In fact regardless of how ell I car for myself with proper diet and rest if the physical aspect is missing then it's all for not. I only ride my bike about an hour to an hout and a half a day but find that's all I need to keep the things at bay.

    Some days I ride more intensely than others depending on how I feel but the main thing is that I provide myself that outlet. For me it is a physical/emotional connection that keeps me in balance. As Primal creatures we are not just physical or emotional but both things together. I have seen recommendations of 15 minutes of actual sunlight a day. If you can get that more days than not that might be a benefit as well.




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      Thank you for your reply. You are right, I do need to move more. The only time I really move around is when I'm in the kitchen in school (chef education). I need to take more long walks outside. I will try that


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        Hi! I'm so sorry for your difficulty. My suggestion would be to just go back to the path that began your healing to begin with and eliminate those bad foods - sounds like you're on your way to doing that. I know that with depression and anxiety, those are easier said than done, but you have done it, so you know you can do it again. Cut yourself some slack and just make sure that the next time you are sick, that you heed the warning bells and don't cave to the sugar demon. Those things do grab you when you are down.

        As far as the light therapy goes. If you are on specific depression medications, make sure the light does not create an issue. I was going to purchase one for my mom, but she is on lithium, and apparently it's not a good mix. Just double check that.

        Sounds like you're heading back in the right direction. Give yourself some time and kindness. I also agree - Sunshine and exercise are great for anxiety and depression.

        All the best.