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Is my running causing me to hold onto excess?

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  • Is my running causing me to hold onto excess?

    Hi, nice to meet you all!

    I've been doing the PB thing for a while now, and though my muscles have built up substantially (not to magnificent proportions, though, thank goodness ), I've still got a little excess, especially around my waist - muffin tops, mostly. My running isn't something that I do for exercise, really: I do it for fun. I live on a seventy-four acre farm, and when I get bored, I just pull on a pair of tennis shoes, hop out the door, and run until I get bored of it.

    The thing is, I just read an article by a Paleo blogger that said excessive running can cause excess weight retention, due to my body thinking it's under some sort of threat and that it needs to store energy for later use. I'm not sure what's considered excess, really, but I ran about three hours the day before yesterday, an hour the day before that, and about two hours today (and I played yard football on my rest day, lol).

    I also have a thing for sweets, so I've been eating a lot of fruit.

    I'd prefer not to give up running, because I really sleep well after I run in the evenings. My question has two parts: 1) Is my running really causing me to retain weight I'd otherwise lose? And 2) Could it simply be all of the fruit?

    Thanks in advance,


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    If you like running, then keep running. Just don't run to burn calories, and don't run to the point that you feel like falling over. And I personally doubt fruit is making you retain weight, unless you're eating a ton of it. If you are eating a ton of it, then that could be it.


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      Hi Anna,

      Running and eating fruit are not going to cause your body to 'hold' onto weight. I ran for decade and was not overweight. Also would and still do eat fruit.


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        Running and fruit are fine. Waist fat is just one of those mysteries. I know a few extremely disciplined and intelligent folks who can configure CICO any way they like, the bathroom scale moves predictably, but all the deficits just make their face and limbs look skeletal while the spare tire remains unscathed.

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          Running may cause excessive inflammation which could cause weight retention. The fruit probably isn't a problem, and you may find you want less of it if you reduce the running. Would shorter, more intense, occasional sprints interest you? You may have better results health wise that way.

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            The numbers you posted are not excessive at all.

            I am curious why you would run in tennis shoes!
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