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best place to live to eat primal easily and affordably?

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  • best place to live to eat primal easily and affordably?

    i'm halfway through chemotherapy and radiation following surgery in june for lymph node tumors.
    I know the standard American diet has played a huge role in my cancer and I am ready to move toward a place where I can eat properly for my health.
    as a Vermonter primal foods are readily available to me, but at 27.99 a lb for grassfed beef on a fixed retirement income I know I need to find somewhere more reasonable to live, even if just for the winter.
    I am no longer able to raise my own animals on my own land, unless I join a commune, to which I am not opposed.

    so assuming I can move anywhere at all, where is food actually food?
    i'm open to almost any place, though sadly only speak American English.
    thanks for your thoughts.

  • #2're not joking....

    When I read your post the first time, I was about to say that Vermont has got to be in the top 5 states to live primal. I have not lived in every state of course, but in living in Florida, Cali, Colorado, and Alaska, I would put it right behind Alaska....and AK ain't for everybody

    I will make this bullet-pointed and rooted in daily life.

    * Where in the hell is there GF beef for $28, and how is that person not in a prison somewhere. Also, that price is for what? Angus prime filet or ground? I live in the absolute middle of nowhere, even for VT....within TEN MILES of my home I have 7 different farms I can buy beef from. I can also buy pork, lamb, chicken, duck from these same purveyors. My prices range for ground goes from $3.99 a pound to $7, depending on breed, cut, and freshness. Also, I am personal friends with many of them, and often just barter for food.
    * In case you have not noticed, cows and deer are pretty much our mile markers here. If you are running a shortage of either one you are either a vegetarian or a very bad shot
    * There are farm stands of organic food in just about every town there is. 1-stoplight towns always have a farmstand and a farmer's market at least once a week, all year.
    * Hiking here is world class. You have the Catamount, Long Trail, and Appalachian Trail all within an hour of here. All are accessible and free, as is camping in them.
    * You are in the #1 state in the country for non-commodity food production per person. (Once corn, soy, and wheat are taken out). 2/3 of the people I know here grow their own food. Many sell it.
    * If you were to go to the Burlington Market, which takes place for 8 hours every Saturday all year, there are between 200-300 booths. A huge number sell their own food they grew themselves, and yesterday over 60 were selling meat. I went there to get grass-fed beef livers, and found over a dozen that had it. That is pretty damn rare....Rutland has a LARGER one, as does Brattleboro. I found a guy yesterday selling rabbit and duck exclusively, including a bag of rabbit livers for $3 a pound, and he WAS OUT OF THEM!!!!!
    * Hunting is a culture here unlike anywhere else I know....again, more use of wildlife mgmt areas per person, outside of AK of course, than any other state. Processors are much cheaper than other places I have lived, and its not illegal to hunt on private land unless it is posted. It is a hunter's paradise.

    Just saying, it's not exactly a tough sled to be primal in VT. You can walk around in no shoes and a loin cloth if you want....most people won't even bat an eye. Keep Vermont Weird, as they say
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      I have lived in Chittenden county for over 30 years and am familiar with the venues you mention. grass fed anything is the new sexy thing here and I haven't found the prices you quotes, though because of my immune system I can't get to farmers' markets all that often.
      I don't hunt or fish and am thinking I will have to buy into a csa next year in order to afford to eat clean.

      we raised our own pigs, goats, hens, turkeys and ducks for food for a few years and while that was an amazing experience, we can no longer do that, so we are forced to buy what is local to us.
      this will be my first winter out of Vermont and I am looking for a place to heal where real food is more affordable.
      thank you for your reply.


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        I wish it were easier for you. It's sad how hard it is to be healthy in a supposedly civilized country. I live in a relatively rural area of Florida and am able to eat gf/clean appx 75% of the time. There is a market not far from me that helps and amazing farmers markets. Do you ahve someone that can shop for you when you are not able to? I admit being partial to Fl and if you chose the right area there are benefits. Lots of sunshine being one of the primary. Maybe others in the States will chime in and give you some good ideas too..If you decide to check this area out PM me. I will be glad to help!
        You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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          Perhaps try a seller called "conscious carnivore" that is out of your county I believe....they do GF for $6 a pound at last check and deliver. Most of their boxes are around $7-10 per pound and they have a lot of pickups.

          That said, hope you get better. Prob good to head out for the winter, as they are obviously pretty nasty here I head to Arizona every Feb, but primal there is VERY hard to do.

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            Hello Suse, my mother-in-law is going through chemo and I know how absolutely debilitating it is . Missouri (I'm in St. Louis) is a very affordable place to live, and since we are in the heartland of farms and have a DIY organic spirit, it is very easy to find affordable grass-fed beef and organic produce here, at several farmer's markets (even in the winter), and at several independent grocery stores. I wish you much luck with your treatments!!!!!