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  • How did you PLAY when you were young...

    Went for a walk this morning. It started raining. I found myself remembering when I was young and loving to walk/run/play in the rain. There was some construction on one road, and I made a point to go through the wet, muddy parts and let the mud squish between the toes of my VFF's.

    Before I knew it, I was walking through the water puddles, and looking ahead for any mud/puddles coming up in my path.

    Had a huge smile on my face, and decided to go the same route home so I could do it again. What fun!
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    I often pretended I was the USS Enterprise and would go to warp 9 as often as possible.
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      Cowboys & Indians.. I got to be the Indian cause I had the horse & could ride bareback while shooting arrows
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        Legos and Lincoln Logs inside, along with creating and decorating houses for my dolls by hanging blankets and towels from the top bunk. I still have the Legos and K'nex and still occasionally play with them.
        Outside, I horsed around on the swing set and made "bows and arrows" to shoot at the squirrels, chased birds, chased siblings and climbed the trees. Still do that, when I can.
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          Riding my bike and swimming were my summer favorites; sleigh riding in the winter.
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            I'm a child of the 80's and therefor a big fan of Transformers, He-Man, etc.. So I used to run around with my friends in the street where we'd pretend to be various characters and "fight" each other.

            Fun fact: I was the first kid on my block to have a video game system (Atari 2600), so my friends always wanted to come over and play it in my room--sometimes I was disappointed when they didn't want to go outside instead.
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              My mom hosted bridge parties a lot, so I was routinely banished from the house outside. I ran wild with neighbourhood kids playing tag, hide & seek, kick the can, bug the grumpy old neighbours, and rode the monkey trails along the river on our bikes. In the winter we built all manner of snow forts and slid down any bank we could find.

              I did the same thing to my kids, although I didn't entertain and needed to keep the 'vacuum tracks', I was so busy with farm chores that I regularly turfed them outside to "just go play something" and get out from under my feet. Consequently, no toy was ever used for its intended purpose around here, and they had some wild adventures, usually involving dirt.

              I stopped playing by the time I was 13 because I had a 2 hour paper route everyday after school. I kept that until after my second year at university. I still like walking.

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                I liked my bike well enough, and I loved to swim, but playing for me was reading a book. Once I found books that took longer than a day to read and had no pics, I was that kid with her nose buried in one.
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                  If I was inside and alone it was wildly imaginative and elaborate. I set up an office in my closet with a typewriter and phone and was the CEO of a large corporation. My secretary's office was just outside the door (played also by myself) and I had a lot of fun bossing her around. I also had a daily cooking show in the style of Julia Child (with voice and everything). My soufflés were phenomenal. If I was playing with my neighbor friends we often constructed elaborate obstacle courses, played "carhop" with our roller skates, or my personal favorite "Diary of Anne Frank" which involved hiding from Nazis in the upper loft of my parents barn/shed. Playing with my older brothers usually just involved getting the crap beat out of me. I loved all of it though.

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                    I was kind of an indoors/creative kid. I'd make up elaborate stories for my dolls & toys, usually with someone getting kidnapped & then rescued. If playing with friends, we'd build box forts, draw, or play house. I did ride my bike quite a bit, but only around the neighborhood and especially through crunchy leaf piles on the side of the road. I've never broken a bone and am too scared to climb trees very high. I feel like I missed out not having an older brother, or that my dad did not encourage more typically boy-ish pursuits.
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                      I used to play in the rain and mud as well... I also raced around on a bmx bike...( yeah I'm the perfect girl)...
                      I also worked on the cow farm of my neighbors... and horseriding

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                        Dallas didn't get enough rain without thunder that we got to play in it. That didn't stop us. All three of us kids have a scar from our version of a slip and slide. (Wet down dirt path until it's a long mudpit, take a flying leap, and hope you don't find a rock or root.
                        Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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                          Next question - Do you still play like that??? Ever consider just playing like a kid once in a while?

                          I am thinking of reconsidering play and adding some fun and silly things to my list. Why not! Playing in the rain and mud was so much fun...hoping to do it again tomorrow.
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                            Outside play was great. We played sardines and capture the flag on a nightly basis in the summer. Dodge ball was big too. I had a horse so I did a lot of riding. I think if I did a lot of running around in the dark with other people my age I think I'd get arrested or something. Which is a shame. It was a fun game.

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                              I used to go and "Space Guns" with my neighborhood friends. Oooohhh what fun I had during those days. No worries, and no responsibilities if only that were true when you were older.
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