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  • Sleep and Carbs

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    Have you ever googled the hibernation diet? It is about how raw honey before bed can help you sleep. They say is has something to do with the carbs. I don't quite recall everything but I have taken raw honey when I have had sleep problems and it does help you have better sleep.


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      I think Carbs generally serve 2 purposes...
      1. To prevent Protein from turning into Fat
      2. As you say, to provide sleep!

      Try a Baked Potato a few hours before Bed, possibly add some Cheese if you react well to it (of course).
      In Grok terms, I would say Cheese was present in early agriculture, and it works best for some, but not for all.

      I tend to use Carbs around the mid afternoon and before bed
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        Sugar blunts stress hormones. Salt helps greatly as well.


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          If you want a good nights sleep, Cocoa and Honey is the way to go!
          Honey, yes, may be a form of Sugar,but its far from the regular white stuff.
          After a good meal, you can find Honey is great at regulating the body.


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            IME any food after dinner/sunset is an unwelcome circadian disruption. Poor sleep can have any number of causes--lopsided diet might be one of them but I'd make sure light, sound, temperature, caffeine, alcohol, etc. were sorted before tinkering with it.

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              I mostly avoid carbs after dinner, but not completely. I might have a little bit of Greek yogurt. And, honestly, my will power is low. I might have a bit of peanut butter on pork rinds.

              I sleep very soundly and fairly restfully. I sleep so soundly that I don't move around. (Yes, I am sure.) So I'm stiff when I wake up. Would cutting out dairy and peanut butter help? It is a moot point.
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                Carbs or no carbs, makes no difference here. But if I eat chocolate before bed time, my sleep is a bit screwed up (I never drink coffee in the PM). If I add fermentable fibers or prebiotics at some point during the day, I have very vivid dreams. I try to go to bed around 21:30 (+/- 1 hour). I sleep about 5-6 hours straight, wake up but fall asleep immediately until 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning.


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                  Apparently I'm different than most people here... i try to avoid almost all foods before sleeping. Especially sugar and wheats. They make my stomach do funny things and prevent me from falling asleep. Also sugar makes my head busy with all sorts of thoughts, so no sugar before sleeping... I'm trying to stay away from sugar completely that's why I'm starting Paleo, even a day of no sugar and low carbs makes a difference. My head is so clear....
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                    Originally posted by secret agent girl
                    Just to clarify, I'm not seeking to resolve sleep issues. I don't see how eating carbs for dinner or after dinner can contribute to better sleep. I'm looking for information or evidence (including anecdotal) to further my thinking on the topic.
                    To put it simply...
                    1. Carbs cause the initial insulin spike.
                    2. The body thinks, wow, lots of energy, how can I put this to good use?
                    3. Tryptophan is in high gear, pumping serotonin to the muscles, causing them to relax.

                    And...Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants....
                    Vit C = Which we know is good for tissue strength and immune system.
                    B6 = For blood cells and insulin regulation.
                    Potassium = General regulation of the body.
                    Chlorogenic acid = A antioxidant for.... Preventing high blood pressure!

                    As you can see, its a very complex food, a lot more then people think.


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                      Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
                      I sleep very soundly and fairly restfully. I sleep so soundly that I don't move around. (Yes, I am sure.) So I'm stiff when I wake up. Would cutting out dairy and peanut butter help? It is a moot point.
                      Nobody is going to pick this one up and run with it???? What is happening to this forum???


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                        Originally posted by secret agent girl
                        So insulin results in the release or activation of tryptophan?
                        Hmm, well, I like to think of of it this way....
                        Tryptophan, Serotonin and Melatonin are all essential amino acids....

                        Tryptophan =Affects mood, eat Protein.
                        Serotonin = Affects body, eat Carbs.
                        Melatonin = Affects sleep, relies on the other two.

                        I suppose you could think of everyday examples.....

                        Tryptophan = Dem feels off chomping a Chicken breast.
                        Serotonin = Dem feels off eating Spuds (or a huge bag of Doritoes)
                        Melatonin = That Roast/Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner which knocks you to sleep.

                        All of this (learning) is relatively new to me, too!
                        I have awful sleeping patterns, so, spacing out various Meats and Proteins will be good for keeping the mood high throughout the day.
                        I'll try to fit in 2-3 carb sources, at the right times, more or less, later on in the day in late afternoon.