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no shampoo - perfect oil balance but dry scalp :(

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  • no shampoo - perfect oil balance but dry scalp :(

    Hello All!

    I have been trying the "no shampoo" idea and have just finished my second week. I read most of the threads on the forum about going "poo-less" and the consensus seemed to be that your hair would become very greasy/oily until your scalp rebalanced.

    The first few days of my experiment I found exactly that, but it soon settled down and is now nice and glossy and not that oily at all.

    However - and this is the question - I have noticed a considerable increase in white flakes. Is this due to a naturally dry scalp rebalancing itself or do you think this could be a separate issue? Will this sort itself out if I power on through another few weeks? What is your experience?

    I ask here because I didn't see any other post mentioning and increase in dryness - only oiliness.

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    I don't know the answer, but I commiserate. My hair looks lovely:well moisturized but never oily looking. I can go eternally without washing it, and it never gets oily. But, I've have horrible dandruff now (likely seborrhoeic dermatitis, a.k.a. cradle cap). It's been there for months and never cleared up. I'm afraid to use chemical treatments not only because they're nasty, but also because I'm pregnant, and I don't want my baby exposed to those chemicals. Sigh.


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      I also did a lot of reading on the threads about going poo-less. I have been only washing every other day for over a week and plan to stretch it out to every 3 days next week. I also started using my Wen shampoo again, and it has less chemicals than the store bought kind.

      In my reading I found that others who would get the flaky scalp would do a vinegar rinse on their hair. The suggestion was to use 1:1 of apple cider vinegar and water and when you get your hair wet in the shower, put the solution on your hair and leave it in for the duration of the shower then rinse it out.

      I have been doing that on the days I don't shampoo, and have had no flakiness at all. I worried my hair would smell like a salad all day, but I ask my family and they say it smells fresh. The vinegar is also supposed to help strip the poo-ing residue out and I think it has helped. My hair is in better shape than I can ever remember. I have long hair with curls and not having to wash every day is so awesome!!

      I also stopped brushing my hair. I can just wet, and run my fingers though my hair and go. Way less time getting ready, and it looks great.

      Hope it helps.
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        I have not used shampoo or even soap for many months now and have experienced no flakes or dryness. I did have oily scalp for a week or two (don't quite remember). My hair looks great and my scalp feels good. Since I stopped using soap I use Loufa and my skin looks and feels great. I eat a lot of salmon, sardines and anchovies. Perhaps the fish oils help?. I eat virtually no veggies but do eat almonds and macadia nuts. Perhaps these fats all help to keep things in balance.


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          Mix a tbsp of brown sugar or quinoa with 3 tbsp of conditioner and scrub scalp with it that is recommended from Curly Girl.
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