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    So, here's a thread to post what you bought lately/today.
    It's to give people a glimpse into your diet without making a daily log of food, show where you shop and how much you spend on life, as well as illustrate what you consider a reasonable 'cheat' if you cheat.

    You only really have to say what you bought, but adding weight/quantity of items, cost, where you got them and what you plan on doing with them would be sweet.

    I shop predominantly for one, although my Dad partakes in some of my food and buys stuff for both of us (will mention when I didn't get it or it's shared) and my fiance eats it when he's around. I'm currently aiming to hit 3500kcal/day, primarily from fats and carbs, with at least 110g of protein. Autumn bulks ought to be easier than Summer ones.

    A Czech barbecue sausage (100% free-range pork and seasonings) with sauerkraut, pickled gherkins, onion and sour cream. 3.50; from the local Czech market stall. Dad got it for me as a treat for the day. Otherwise probably would have waited until home and had chicken, due to cost.
    2 HUGE avocados. 1 each; from the grocer. Ate one with my sausage. The other is being saved for later.
    2 ox hearts (5.4kg-ish). 7. One is currently stewing with potatoes and onions. The other was cut into 9 parts and frozen in sandwich-bags. Will probably stir-fry it or stew it, when I use it.
    11 pigs' hearts (3.5kg). 5. Bagged them individually and froze them. Will probably stew or stir-fry.
    All hearts from butcher at the market.
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    bought a couple of days ago-

    romaine lettuce
    roma tomatoes
    wild alaskan sockeye salmon (frozen)
    grass-fed ground beef
    Herdez salsa verde
    plain Doritos- just being honest
    Tejava iced tea
    jalapeno smokehouse almonds (Blue Diamond)
    frozen peas
    baby spinach
    Crystal Geyser bottled water


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      A few pounds of grassfed beef from Trader Joe's ($5.99 each)
      Mixed greens
      Sweet potatos
      Tons of salsa
      Veggie chips
      Bubbie's pickles
      Canned tuna and salmon (My favorite meal/snack is one of these mixed with salsa, avocado, and mustard)
      Frozen fish
      Red wine
      Olive and coconut oils
      Trader Joe's taco seasoning packets (.79 each and they're awesome!)
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        Today was a top up shop so:
        Cherry tomatoes
        Coconut milk

        The veg I snack on or have as part of a salad with cooked meat or fish, blueberries are a brekkie treat and I restrict coconut milk, only 1 can a week (I am trying to lose weight).


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          I buy in small quantities for only up to a few days' of meals.

          Yesterday, it was:
          - Chicken necks and drumstick
          - Young Thai coconut
          - Swiss chard
          - Cashew ice cream
          - Sprouted granola

          Earlier in the week, I bought, in 1 trip:
          - 2 lb organic celery
          - 2 lb organic carrots
          - 5 lb organic potatoes
          - 1 lb organic swiss chard
          - 1.5 lb pork loin
          - 3 lb organic apples
          - 1 lb organic pears
          - 1 Thai coconut
          - 1 sheep milk yogurt

          I would like to point out that the bottom one was only about $25...not bad for 2-3 days of food! So this is not expensive, people!
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            I spent $14 at the farmer's market (sweet potatoes and heirloom tomatoes), $43 at the ethnic market (chicken breast, rib-eye steak and veggies) and $15 at the health-food store (eggs and chocolate).
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              What did I buy today ... let's see:
              - 4 mullet fillets
              - 2kg gree-yellow bananas
              - a few full fat sheep milk yogurts (200g per yogurt)
              - a couple of cucumbers
              - some red pepper-fruits
              - 6 apples, 6 kiwis and 2kg oranges
              - 60 pastured eggs from the best producer around
              - some traditional cured beef tenderloin
              - basmati rice
              - white potatoes
              - green beans
              - some genuine brie de Meaux and a couple of Chevrelard
              - ... don't remember everything, that was a long shopping


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                I shop at the supermarket for family of three (fluctuate to four or five at times). Generally a trip around the supermarket looks something like this:



                Beef mince
                Chicken drumsticks
                Lamb chops
                Pork steaks

                Cheddar Cheese

                Free range eggs

                Packaged muesli or rolled oats/sliced almonds/raisins depending whether I have the energy to make muesli for my dh
                Rice bubbles for my dd
                Tea bags
                Fruit juice
                Canned pineapple
                Tomato paste

                Whole almonds
                Block of dark chocolate
                Maybe another block of milk chocolate for my dh

                Frozen beans and/or peas
                Frozen potato fries in beef fat

                Loaf of bread
                Annie Ups the Ante


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                  Typically, I shop for two days worth of food.

                  Today was..
                  Bunch of organic bananas (lasts the week)
                  1 organic cauliflower
                  2 avocados
                  1 whole organic chicken
                  3lbs of beef


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                    Shopped around in a supermarket that is really far from my house, but has so many interesting things . .

                    2 kg Chicken livers
                    1 kg Beef
                    2 kg Pork
                    1 kg Duck
                    .5 kg smoked salmon
                    5 cans coconut milk
                    2 jars coconut oil
                    1 kg shiitake mushrooms
                    2 kg brown mushrooms
                    Nori sheets

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                      25 lbs sirloin steaks
                      3.5 lbs ground beef
                      coconut oil
                      fresh coconut
                      local peaches
                      12 dozen eggs

                      And other crap for the rest of the family. Still working on converting them. Luckily, they are starting to eat eggs for breakfast and ignoring the cereal. They are also liking my meats and salads I make for dinner and are eating that more than the other crap. Progress is slow, but they are heading in the right direction.
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                        Hit the farmers market & Fishmongers this morning,
                        Tuna steaks

                        Gammon steaks
                        Pork spare ribs
                        Sirloin steaks
                        Pork sausage
                        Beef Skirt
                        Beef Tounge
                        Beef Mince
                        Butcher burgers
                        Squash blossoms

                        & Local cherrys that are sooooo yummmmy.
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                          Had delivered this week (all grass fed or wild):

                          2 pounds ground beef
                          3 pounds ground lamb
                          2 pounds stew beef
                          3 pounds beef hot dogs
                          1 pound ground bison
                          2 packages of duck legs*
                          1 pound ground turkey*

                          *only know these are allowed to roam free and raised w/out antibiotics. I'm pretty sure they're supplemented with feed.

                          20 pounds salmon, whole, headed and gutted
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                            Went to Whole Foods today, which is a little pricey for me normally. But I'm burnt out on choices at Sprouts and the meat quality is poor at the big chain grocery. I did pop by the big chain for quick non-food items after tho...
                            Oh, also shopping for one.

                            dozen eggs pastured/local
                            split chicken breasts 1.5 lbs pastured
                            london broil steak 2 lbs pastured (sale)
                            turkey breast 8oz
                            local pepperoni 5oz (sale)
                            canned tuna/sardines
                            shrimp 1lb (sale)
                            raspberries 1 pt
                            grapes 1lb
                            green bananas x1 bunch
                            coconuts x2
                            yellow squash x2
                            kale, lots of kale
                            onions 3lb bag/green onions x1 bunch
                            red & yellow bell peppers x1 each
                            kohlrabi x1
                            coconut milk 2x 6oz cans
                            almond milk 1/2 gal
                            fresh hummus
                            dates .5 lbs
                            dark chocolate bars x2
                            coffee x1lb
                            chi tea

                            This will hold me for a good week. Spent about $67. Not too bad really, hitting up sale items and planning around them.