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I don't get along well with certain kinds of machines

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  • I don't get along well with certain kinds of machines

    I cannot wear an electronic watch. I kill them. I can kill a battery-powered analog watch as well. Watches never last more than a couple of weeks on me.

    Any computer I have ever used will eventually get to the point where it takes forever for what is entered on the keyboard to be rendered on the screen. This makes typing and using the computer frustrating. It happens to all my computers, the ones at work, the ones at home, Macs, PCs. I'm not the kind of person who gets viruses on my computer. I honestly think it is something electrical about my body.

    I don't use a lot of other electronics. I only have a dumb phone that I rarely use. I have an iPod but I rarely listen to music. I'd probably kill it if I used it for music.

    Does anyone else have this experience? It has been an issue for as long as I can remember, especially the watches.
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    This is going to sound very out there - street lights go out when I drive or walk or bike down a street at night. ALL THE TIME - to the point that my son started noticing. People would tell me it was my headlights, or they are on timers, but the fact is that it happens to me WAY more often than coincidence.

    I also kill watches. And computers. I had a boss who would ask me 'did you touch it?' when there were computer problems, lol.

    I wish I could harness the power! *allow me a cruel chuckle*
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      Originally posted by Casey View Post
      This is going to sound very out there - street lights go out when I drive or walk or bike down a street at night.
      Nah, it's just coincidence. You notice an apparent pattern, then confirmation bias does the rest. I've noticed it happening with myself too. I joke that it is my super power. I actually once pointed at a street light and it went out, not even kidding!

      See here for more information on the subject. There are reasons why street lights flicker. Some lights cycle, some have light sensors, some are on timers.


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        Perhaps you are both wizards. That happens to Harry Dresden too.
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          I kill watches. My grandmother was the same way. She swore by Timex. I don't wear a watch. The only electrical stuff to wear on the body I haven't killed was a Fitbit One. I think everything else simply can't take the abuse (I'm accident prone.)
          I have the streetlight thing as well. I've killed entire sections of them. It's not just timing, they've stayed out until the power company replaced the bulbs. It happens too often for sheer coincidence, although I'm at a loss on how else to explain it.
          I also have found that phone batteries die much earlier than they should.
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            Ive killed 8 computers in the last 10 years....and were not just talking wont turn on any more.. some of them blew up.. yup, fire & smoke and all.
            & the place I used to work at years ago forbid me from working at the tills after they made me fill in one day and I knocked out 3 tills in a row.. all within 10 minutes of them putting me on them. Expensive mistake that.. LOL
            Dont know about watches, I haven't worn one in over 10 years.. I dont remember them being a problem (but I dident wear digital watches...) I think its mostly computers....
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              I have the same problem with watches and cell phones. My last phone was stuck on a bootup loop. The tech told me they never saw that before. My current phone mostly works except when I have to restart it puts in the wrong time and date. The GPS also continually puts my location in Jacksonville Florida. I have to get a new phone almost yearly.


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                Fortunately I don't kill my phone because I rarely carry my phone with me. I'm sure it would be long dead by now if I was one of those people addicted to their phone.
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                  I have the exact same problem. Watches don't work for more than a couple weeks on me.

                  I had a call center job once. They had to swap out my head sets a couple times a night because they would go on the fritz after I used them for awhile. They would also have to put me at different computers at least a couple times a night because they would freeze up or get other glitches. Others had problems like this occasionally but not nightly like I did. It became a joke when they would see me walking back with a headset to get a new one. I would even mess up the phones that dialed automatically.

                  I also tend to be very hard on electronics. Lap tops will not last for me and it has nothing to do with a virus. They all get electrical issues. I replace power cords like mad. Desk top computers don't fair well either. I have had a couple with the typing problem. I am eager to get my laptop back because I am currently using my husbands. He is an author and I would hate to wreck his.

                  I tend to have problems with other electronics too. Everyone has electricity in their body. I think some of us just are more powerful than others and we tend to be hard on modern technology.


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                    My mom kills watches, I did too - until I got a G-shock. People in my family tend to get hit by lighting, too.
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                      What is a G-shock. That's not like something you get in a mental hospital, is it?

                      Gosh, PP, you have it much worse than me. Every night having to swap headsets? Wow! At least I know it's not in my head if other people have experienced this.
                      Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                        It must be your magnetic personalities!
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                          His mom bought it for him years back for Christmas and it hasn't died yet. It's a type of Casio watch. Here's a Wikipedia on them: G-Shock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and here's their website: Trending - Aviation - Classic - Limited - Master of G Watches | Casio - G-Shock

                          I wonder how hereditary this electricity thing is. Will our Little One kill watches and attract lightning? (Knifegill's mom and her uncles got hit by lightning. During a lightning storm when she was a kid, she channeled a Chinese Wonderbread commercial on to her TV by touching the antenna with one hand and the fireplace mantel with the other. She also used to work in a factory that made circuit boards and the boards she was touching would pass inspections/tests when they wouldn't otherwise. Crazy stuff!)


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                            Oh no. Maybe that's why my last watch died so oddly early! The baby is killing watches before it even comes out!