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Favorite all-natural cleaning solutions

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  • Favorite all-natural cleaning solutions

    I'm in the process of moving apartments. Both have hardwood floors. In the one I'm leaving, they could really use a fresh coat of polyurethane (fortunately, not my responsibility), but I'm doing my best to sweep & mop them. I'll probably do some cleaning at the new apartment too, but the old one is my testing ground . I have the next 6 days to clean in both places!

    I'm trying out a solution of 1 gallon warn-hot water to 1/2 cup vinegar and damp-mopping. I have to dry with a towel after so it doesn't leave streaks, but the floors do seem pretty clean. I'm just working in one empty bedroom right now. I have some dark marks to try to clean off the walls too, from some black bedsheets!

    Note: I've never washed hardwood floors before. I have no idea what to do to keep them clean & possibly even shiny. We usually just sweep & vacuum every week or two. We keep our shoes off in the house & have our guests do the same.

    I'm also cleaning off window sills, a grimy chair rail in the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, and probably some windows for the hell of it.

    What are your favorite natural cleaning solutions? Is there anything I SHOULDN'T add to a vinegar-water based solution to use on paint or wood? Should I not use vinegar at all? The internet has a lot of conflicting ideas on this!

    Can't wait to hear what you've got!

    BTW, vinegar & Dawn's classic blue dishwashing soap and water = AMAZING scum buster in tubs & showers. But definitely dilute it. Vinegar gives me a headache.
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    I also use the Vinegar / Dawn Blue for my tub/shower and the sinks ... absolutely amazing. I also came across a great cleanser made by adding the peels of 2 oranges or grapefruit to a mason jar, filling it with white vinegar. Keep it tightly sealed for 2 weeks before using. The post stated it's a great household cleanser and that it take the old iron stains off of sinks, toilets, etc. I haven't tried this one yet, but plan to.

    A cousin recently shared that she uses the Vinegar and Dawn on her stove top, and wipes it down with a Bounce dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are not exactly natural though .... she did say that it takes all the grease and old sticky oil spots off that most commercial cleansers do not.

    Would love to talk to you re: the SCD diet ..
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      I haven't tried the citrus peel & vinegar thing yet, but I have so many mason jars I'm also going to see about making my own vanilla extract in a similar way (bean pods soaked in vodka for at least 30 days, I think?).

      I'll send you a PM tmrw about the SCD if I remember!
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        hey namelesswonder - congrats on your move.

        There is a woman who wrote a book about inexpensive, easy cleaning. And she recommends mopping wood floors w/ black tea. I tried it on mine (which are pretty old and zero finish left on them) and it seemed to do a nice job. Apparently the tannins in black tea is good for the wood -- I just got a bunch of cheap Stash tea bags and you "brew" about 10 of them in your mop bucket. I wouldn't know about using vinegar on wood floors tho'.

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          5 Benefits of Cleaning Wood Floors with Tea | Rural Spin

          Interesting! This link also says not to use white vinegar, but other sources I read said it's okay as long as you don't use much (1/2 cup per gallon of hot water). Perhaps I will try the tea in a small space in the new apartment sometime.
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            Baking soda is mildly abrasive. I've cleaned my tub before with it. But nothing works as well as CLR soap scum remover in my opinion. Sometimes you just have to break out the big guns.
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