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    Grants Pass or Medford Oregon are the best! Personally I would pick Grants Pass. Much more beautiful and the weather is absolutely PERFECT! The area is covered in rivers and mountains and hiking, biking, camping and exploring is plentiful. The ocean is just over an hour away, and then you have the beautiful beaches and redwoods which both have more hiking, biking, camping.

    I grew up in Grants Pass. Will eventually move back there. Lived 11 years in the McMinnville, OR area and it is nice too, but there is a lot more rain and clouds/fog.

    Roseburg is nice, but much smaller of a town.

    Oregon is basically a beautiful place to live with so much outdoor space you would never get bored.

    Good luck on your search!
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      I love Oregon as well....Vermont is kind of its sister state though, so I guess it's similar.

      I will rep on my own state though for a sec. Come here for a vacation, just once, and see what you think. Vermont is like going to another country, and you either "get it" or you don't. Gorgeous, green, almost scary friendly people, lots of space, and world class of just about anything outdoors you would want to do. Land is cheap too.

      It's a rough place to live at times, but as someone that left FL to come back home here, it was the best decision I ever made. Good luck. FL is not my place either
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        I completely recommend the San Francisco Bay Area. It is such a paradise - amazing hiking, beaches, redwood forests, fresh produce all year round, progressive, forward-thinking, open-minded people. The weather is great and I grow a huge amount of my own organic produce. And in just a few hours, you can get to Napa, Sonoma, Tahoe, Yosemite, Monterey, all kinds of hot springs, etc. for incredible weekend getaways. While it has a reputation for being expensive, it really isn't that bad, if you are really smart and shop around. There are really good deals on everything if you really look, even housing. I wouldn't live anywhere else, and believe me, I do not have a lot of money and I live very well.


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          I haven't found my favorite or the right for me place yet, so I'm not much help here. I, however really dislike the South East.
          When I eventually leave it will either be the Pacific Northwest somewhere or some place outside North America.


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            Asheville is nice, but really expensive and a shortage of affordable housing. Also, hard to find employment, though nursing is good. Greenville SC has a similar vibe, cheaper, more employment, fewer hippies. If you love mountains and hiking, you'd never be bored.

            People love Raleigh.

            Charlotte is close to beach and mountains for long weekends. I live there- it is cheap, a lot of jobs, pretty, great places to eat/access to local foods.

            However, NC politics are imploding with new tax structure, plus a race to make our schools the worst. They won't give teachers raises and are eliminating wage increases for getting more education. A lot of my friends are leaving the profession because it's not a viable living. FWIW, we are doing an affordable housing project meant for "teachers, firemen and police" and my least expensive home is not affordable to a 5th year teacher. If you don't want/have kids, no biggie. But...

            Another place to consider is Knoxville TN. In the mountains, nice town. TN has low taxes.

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              Thanks guys, this is great

              Anyone know anything about Charlottesville, VA?

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                Think college towns. I spent a weekend in Asheville and loved it. My wife went to VT and I have hence been to Blacksburg several times. It is kind of isolated but very inexpensive and has a lot to offer given the large university presence. Charlottesville (UVA) may also be nice but I'd avoid the DC area where I live--crappy weather and terribly overpriced like much of California where I also used to live (in both So Cal and Nor Cal) and agree that for long termers it is cheap but newcomers get screwed on property taxes and a lot of other things.

                If I could I would just immigrate to Vienna, Austria, it always ranks high on charts of places to live and after spending some time there as a student I agree.


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                  Pacific NW (Portland area) is awesome. Hiking, fun city, beach and mountain an hour away.

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                    New Zealand

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                      Being an RN puts you on the skills shortage list for NZ. If your partner is also on that list, you guys would be a shoo-in for residence.


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                        FWIW, you can actually check the immigration web sites of any country that interests you and find out if they have visas available for you. If you are under 30, you could spend a year or two in most countries in the world under work-travel visa schemes.


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                          That would be amazing, to spend some time abroad. I wonder if they would probably want a nurse with some experience though... I'll need a lot of orientation for my first job. It's a great idea for in a year or two though

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