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Stained teeth?

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  • Stained teeth?

    Hi all,

    I'm getting my orthodontics treatment for the second time next week. I cut off my first treatment which was years ago, because it wasn't getting anywhere and I had trouble finding good orthodontists where I was living. I got a few white spots (decalcification) from the first treatment, tried the MI paste to remove them, and it didn't really work. So, after finishing my orthodontics treatment, I want to deal with these white spots (as they're on the front teeth), and bleach my teeth. a few of the teeth with decalcification got filled in so i am aware that I will have to change the color of these fillings once I bleach my teeth... I've heard that there are 'new' ways of removing tooth decals. So do any of you have experience with that?

    Please let me know, my smile is quite important to me