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    The only thing you can do is love and enjoy your mom. I am speaking as someone who has tried to commit suicide by fork, it's a slow and all consuming process. I was 44 when I realized that I was actively killing myself, high cholesterol, sore knees, high blood pressure.
    I lost more than 100 lbs in just under a year, and kept it off for 8 months.
    Everyone will agree that a alcoholic shouldn't drink, or a druggie shouldn't use. When your drug of choice is food, you have no where to turn. If you go to a regular MD or RD, they will tell you to eat foods that made you fat in the first place. Then there are the 10,000 "diet plans" out there that will help you lose water weight, but little else.
    Change has to be decided on. She said that she won't change, mainly because she mainly eats how she's "supposed to" at least by SAD standards.

    Your mom is the only one who can decide, the more you push, the more she'll resist.

    If it helps, I wrote my story about losing weight A Journey: One Woman's Path to Healthy Living.

    Just love her. Keep her involved with your kid(s). Be supportive. Everything else is up to her.


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      I think the Sunday meal together sounds great. But I would skip the preachy discussions. Perhaps she will enjoy what you prepare. I think you need to live by example, and let her ask questions. Start going for a walk each evening with your family, then bring that up in conversation. Something like "We're really enjoying evening walks after dinner. It lets us connect as a family and get some fresh air." Until she decides she wants the change, no amount of talking will do any good.