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    I still go out for beers!!! I just get something other than gluten loaded, heavy beer There are actually quite a few options. And, if I don't want to drink, I still go just to enjoy the socialization. No need to cut yourself out of good times and opportunities for enjoyment with friends!


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      My BF thinks I am in a cult and I am trying to get him to join because I want him to give up wheat and dairy for 30 days.

      He is overweight, on statins and blood pressure medicine, Janumet for diabetes, NAFLD, has unexplained neuromuscular issues, crippling arthritis, fatigue, and a CPAP. He wants his comfort food. I don't want to "fix" him, I just want my hiking partner back.
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        On board 100%. She loves it. I do the cooking.


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          My wife actually found primal first, looking for a way to contain her IBS.

          Just recently I've been drifting more to the PHD end of the spectrum, while she's just got re-energised as a low carber. It's not too hard to cook up potatoes as a side of a meal for me and the kids.

          Really, the harder thing has been denying the kids bread/pizza/junk. I still remember the day when we sent our girl off to kindy with a 'Le Snax' (basically crackers and plastic cheese sealed in a little container) and she came home and related her day with trembling joy as "I had the same lunch as everybody else!". Sadness.
          Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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            My experience has been similar to Sharpie2012's. The Mr. gradually began adopting primal food habits and opting for less grain-based items. He used to eat a Nutri Grain bar every morning for breakfast but for the past 3 years, he's been having boiled eggs instead and admitted how much more sustainable energy he had since making the switch.
            He'll still eat an occasional granola bar now and then, and we both allow ourselves a weekly night out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, as that's something neither of us were willing to sacrifice. Neither of us has health issues (weight, diabetes, etc.) and the decision to go primal was more about optimizing our health and preventing problems rather than correcting them. Hopefully, we'll do just that.


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              Originally posted by KiteKasia View Post
              So no complains about lack of beans, rice and all grains? :-)
              Any need of cooking something extra to "enrich" primal meal?
              If you are the main grocery shopper, do you buy junk(-ish) food you used to just so the other half can still enjoy their popcorn, ice-cream, crisps, salty sticks, peanuts as before?
              When I first made the change it was a huge adjustment to him and he was not happy. I went a little overboard on the whole more fat thing. He finally had to tell me he couldn't eat all this fat. So I started cooking only lean meats and mostly a lot of salmon and using only olive oil. He was also frustrated because on his nights to cook (we alternate) he didn't know what to make anymore. I told him to make whatever he wanted and that if it was stir-fry with a ton of rice, I'd just skip the rice. Or if it was Indian food I would just skip the naan. That made him much more accepting.

              Things have evolved. He has switched from bagels to this dense European bread. He buys a lot of fancy dark chocolate and real ice cream but I haven't seen a bag of M&Ms or box of cookies in the cupboard in at least a year. He makes popcorn from scratch rather than from a microwave bag. The funniest change is that when it's my night to cook I still make lean meat or fish and he makes more beef and chicken with the skin still on swimming in pools of ghee.

              We both shop so we buy our own treats and we buy what we want to cook. So there's no enforcement of what comes into the house.

              I know he's slowly making the change but I think he was so adamantly opposed at first he can't lose face so won't admit it. And perhaps he still has residual doubts. I can see he is making conscious choices in the primal direction and lately he's really lost his opposition to red meat.

              Basically when it's my night to cook, I mostly make the basic meat, potatoes and veggies, sometimes I make fatty meats but not often. This is simple, quick and inexpensive.

              When it's his night to cook he makes fajita burritos (I eat mine in a bowl, he eats his in a tortilla), Indian food (I eat the lentils and chickpeas, too, but not the naan and only a quarter cup of rice), he takes me out to sushi (yay!), he makes stir-fry (I avoid the noodles or just eat a quarter cup of rice) and lots of times he'll just set out all the cheese, pickled herring and odds and ends in the fridge. We no longer make Trader Joe's frozen prepared dinner things and I think he actually doesn't miss them.

              Originally posted by Jennifla View Post
              My BF thinks I am in a cult and I am trying to get him to join because I want him to give up wheat and dairy for 30 days.

              He is overweight, on statins and blood pressure medicine, Janumet for diabetes, NAFLD, has unexplained neuromuscular issues, crippling arthritis, fatigue, and a CPAP. He wants his comfort food. I don't want to "fix" him, I just want my hiking partner back.
              Oh this is so sad. Have hope. It has taken me 3 years to get to where my partner is supportive and mostly on board. I have had to compromise a little. I have had to avoid proselytizing. Rarely I will send him a link to some study, but I'll keep my mouth shut mostly. I'll tell him how much this has helped me so at least he knows to be supportive to me. I try to be strict with myself but if he wants to eat bread or a box of girl scout cookies, I don't say anything. And recently when we traveled cross country I brought my own food and told him that I had my own food available so he could enjoy any kind of splurge restaurant food he wanted, no objections from me.
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                My husband is primal as well. He doesn't have a choice unless he wants to cook his own meals which, PFFFT isn't going to happen.
                He doesn't mind it though and I know he enjoys the benefits he sees when it comes to his weight loss
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                  Hubby is on board, though he still wants primal treats and loves white rice and potatoes. I do almost all of the cooking and shopping and he will eat just about anything I make. For me the awkward part is that he wants me to make him primal treats (I eat very little of them) he still has at least 30 lbs to lose and I know he would get there if he would give up desserts. He's made so many changes in his diet but he really is reluctant to give up the dessert. Recently he started lifting so maybe he'll be able to make progress w/o giving up his treats because I don't see that changing anytime soon. Sometimes it feel like I'm literally feeding his addiction. But he says that at least they aren't junk food and often times they are just barely sweet. I think it's more the idea of a treat.

                  This past weekend we ran into 2 guys hubby used to brew beer with (they've continued) we both noticed how their mid sections have grown while hubby's has shrunk. Hubby was really glad he hadn't continued down that path!
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                    Originally posted by KiteKasia View Post
                    Thanks for sharing and I totally understand how you feel as I can relate to that situation.
                    We spend most of our summer (Mar/Apr -Oct) weekends away on the coast kitesurfing, SUPing or just walking dogs, but this coming weekend we are staying around and my hubby with excitement announced we will do our winter usual - beach, park and food market on Saturday followed by delicious stone oven backed pizza for lunch... We used to love doing it together - bring dogs for a really long walk on the beach, get really hungry, have pizza and then buy some other bits on farmers market and get home for a night with a movie and bottle or two of wine... (or go out with friends). I won't eat pizza now... it's not nice to be eating on your own specially when you know the other one is hungry too and there is no other edible option in the same place... (and I'm not too keen on having more than a glass of wine either...)
                    Have you considered finding a place that does a gluten free option? It's not exactly primal but sometimes the social stuff is important.
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                      Originally posted by Wildrose View Post
                      Have you considered finding a place that does a gluten free option? It's not exactly primal but sometimes the social stuff is important.
                      This is a tiny outdoor place and a very special pizza so I'm afraid it cannot be substituted :-( It may be the best pizza in Ireland ;-) It's tough... But at least we still have our favourite Thai restaurant! :-)

                      On the other note... It's official - he is laughing at me now and making fun of my new eating habits (at least not publicly yet, but I have feeling it's coming).
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                        My DH is supportive. We only eat one meal a day together- dinner- so he's not primal. But he eats what I cook at dinner without complaint, and he tries to cook primal (not always successfully) for me on his nights to cook.
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                          Food will probably be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

                          I'm allergic to yeast. I start wheezing from the smell of beer or wine and guess who just bought a kegerator and leaves unwashed beer glasses in the sink and all over the house? I'm celiac and he's generally good about cross contamination, until I see him make a huge mistake (like holding a bun over the meat we're about to cook) and then he'll just tell me I shouldn't worry. On the other hand, he's allergic to shellfish and despite my growing up on the coast and loving them, I haven't ever had them in the house. I'm tired of giving up so much to protect his health and not being able to feel safe in my own kitchen. I have to clean the counters off before I prepare anything and it's exhausting. I guess I need to join crossfit and see what other options I have, but after having to constantly clean up his gluten filth I don't have the energy for it.


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                            My fiance tried it out when I did and was seeing results. He felt the core-science and arguments presented were logical and that there's no harm in it. I acknowledged that it was within his power to consume any energy drinks or chocolates he wanted to and agreed not to nag him about it (although jokingly teasing and scolding were permitted). He acknowledged that any amount of them was worse than none at all, so cut back. He's now pretty 80/20.
                            When at his place, I eat what I like. He may cook rice and I choose if I want it or not. He may have an energy drink, but I can choose to reject it.
                            When at my place, we eat almost 100% primal besides the odd energy drink or cola he brings with him and some chocolate.
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                              My boyfriend cooks... he loves cooking and try new things. So I guess I'm really lucky. He won't do the full diet with me but dinner will be meat and veggies for me and him adding pasta, rice or potatoes. I told him yesterday I wanted to do the diet, I have started the exercise last week and I asked him if he would help me preparing all the meals.
                              So I started today and feel great.
                              I'm hoping he'll do the complete thing but if not at least he supports me by making delicious meals.
                              My story, My thought....

                              It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!