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  • Lyme arthritis

    I searched around the forums and I saw some stuff on Lyme but not this specific question, so I'm asking it. There might be other threads that are related, so if someone directs me to other search terms that's great.

    I'm frustrated because I developed swelling and arthritis in my knees due to Lyme this spring (after a winter of sitting cross-legged in the sauna and really working on my flexibility), and I cannot squat. It's really sad because I have always been able to sit comfortably in a deep squat.

    Is it possible to work through the Lyme arthritis and develop that squat again? I'm treating the Lyme, of course, but I'm also starting the PBF program, and I know that it can take YEARS to get over the arthritis, if ever, because of the way Lyme is persistent and the fact that it goes dormant but often doesn't go away.

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    I've got a similar problem. Been treated for several years now and I'm almost normal (at one point I was starting to have difficulty talking so it got pretty advanced before I found a doctor that knew what he was doing). Still have knee trouble and I've accepted that I always will. I'm going to try taking glucosamine but haven't started that yet so I can't tell you how much that will help. Good luck with trying to get better, and if you want to talk about it send me a PM (I don't want post too much info publicly). I've had to change tracks within my program since I've also developed some arthritis in my hands and my previous career choice involves too much detailed manual labor.