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Melatonin - How Often to Use it Safely for Sleep?

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  • Melatonin - How Often to Use it Safely for Sleep?

    Hi there!

    Since being a child i had trouble getting to sleep.
    Now i am 30 and wanna experiment with Melatonin. I took some of it and it worked pretty good helping me sleep.

    Now i read Why Melatonin Is a Dangerous Supplement | Mark's Daily Apple
    - "Why Melatonins is a dangerous supplement"

    Mark writes "Supplement with melatonin regularly to get to sleep, and your body is going to produce even less, creating even greater need for the hormone. Itís not that you canít ever take melatonin; but I think itís important that people understand the facts."

    Now i am wondering:
    - how often can i take Melatonin per months without getting side effects like my body making less and less?
    - how much gramms should i take? I am 60kg = 130lbs (i guess 1h before time i want to sleep)

    (Sorry for the value-taker post, no more energy for something else right now)

    If you know something would be very grateful for sharing!
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    Maybe try eating tart it is the only known natural source containing high melatonin!

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      So before you try melatonin, try some of the adaptogens. I don't know why you have trouble sleeping, and whether adaptogens will help you depends on what's causing your problems. But it's worth a try.

      I've found that a 500-mg capsule of rhodiola (I use the NOW brand) at night helps me get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply. There are other adaptogens that may work as well. Just do a search on adaptogens. Drumroll has two threads on here in which he talks about his n=1 with herbs. He was taking passion flower for a while and that helped him sleep.

      Rhodiola reduces cortisol so if your problem is elevated cortisol levels at night, then it might help you.

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        I used to have trouble with sleep as well, my whole life. My parents have stories about me not falling asleep for HOURS as a toddler and it continued until a couple of years ago. The key for me was treating my anxiety & depression, initially, with amino acids such as 5-HTP. After that, I found that the blend in Theanine Serene (a supplement, Google it) worked very well and now I can just use magnesium most nights to make sure I sleep soundly. I think it's important to look into the "why" before picking something that could potentially make things worse.
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          I work nights, and I take it every day.... 9 mg and a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Extra with valerian root..... works like a champ.


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            Melatonin is super important, I was able to get off of AMBIEN with it. Was so desperate I was taking 9mg at bed time with little improvement until I added the timed release melatonin. Now I'm down to one 3mg regular and one 3mg sustained release. If you go to he did an interview with a sleep expert about it.
            Melatonin and natural calm magnesium best sleep aids ever, also there is a Ted talk that so done linked on this site
            Incredible, he is a neuroscientist specializing in sleep.i use all of his tricks


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              Take it very infrequently. Your body produces its own melatonin if you do things right. Read the posts on here about sleep, avoid blue light at night, and see how things like that work first. I am certainly not one of those "whole food is always better than supplements" people, but melatonin probably isn't a supplement you should be taking all the time.


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                I don't take it. I read it can cause extreme dependence.


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                  I have always had trouble with sleeping since childhood. I take 1mg Melatonin each night since the last few months, and I have consistently slept better. I feel an overall improvement in how I feel during the day since taking it.


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                    I agree with markbt, and should have said so in my post, the hope is that you use melatonin to get your body into a rhythm then slowly taper off until your body produces enough.