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So, what do you do for a living?

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    Originally posted by CaliforniaPoppy View Post
    I want to be you.

    I'm in IT. Data center operations manager.
    Thanks, it isn't all good mind you!


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      I'm a retired cop (Deputy Sheriff) and former military, and now own two companies, or better stated, they own me!
      The first which I've had for over 20 years (concurrent to my L.E. career) is a Private Investigative and Civil Court Process Service Company. Our services include locating people, conducting backgrounds (not your $25.00 computer backgrounds, but REAL, in depth backgrounds), asset searches, and on occasion conducting surveillance. We also serve civil court documents across the United States and into several OCONUS Countries.

      The second is training company which is relatively new, being formed only the beginning of last year.
      We are separated into various divisions, which on occasion overlap, depending on the clientele.

      1- Marine Safety.
      This unit conducts Airboat, Powerboat and PWC training, and Safety Consulting and Site Reviews.
      We offer both basic and advanced courses, to include a Federally certified program for the professional airboat operator. There are also specialized courses in Search & Rescue (SAR), law enforcement/tactical application/operations, and "other" courses suited to and written specifically to fit the client's need. While we have trained a number of private individuals, our clientele last year consisted primarily of government agencies. Our site reviews are conducted to ensure that the commercial marine operator, is providing a safe environment for their passengers, and that all operations are in compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws, as well as industry standards as applicable.

      2- Personal Safety (medical).
      This team specializes in areas such as First Aid, CPR, and AED Certification, as well as advanced and Austere Medical Treatment. While the basic courses are suitable for the corporate environment, the advanced courses lend themselves well to the sportsman/hiker, camper, boater, off roader and others who occasionally find themselves off the beaten trail and away from immediate medical assistance.

      3- Personal Safety/Self Defense.
      We do just what it the title implies.
      We provide armed and unarmed defensive tactics training, to include both conventional and unconventional weapons and tactics.
      Each course is tailored to the specific need of the client, and includes physical training as well as an indoctrination into the legal aspects of the use of force (as applicable to their operation), and the psychology of combat (Pre-UOF mindset, PTSD, etc.).
      Our firearms courses (other than basic) include stress courses designed to make the student think and respond to a "known" threat, rather than simply fire randomly at a perceived threat.

      All of our instructors come from the Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue/Paramedic, SAR and Military Communities, and all of our courses are open to both the public and private sector with proper identification or vetting for security purposes.

      When this isn't keeping me busy, I operate an airboat for a Deployable SAR team, and play "papa" to my 7 year old granddaughter (that's probably the most fun-other than playing on the water )

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      "Live Primally, Train Practically, Prepare Tactically..."


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        I'm a photographer but mostly a stay at home mom, I only take a few jobs per month. I was a LAPD officer for 12 years before that.
        F 45 5'5"
        SW 177
        CW 141


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          I'm a medical laboratory technologist at a hospital...doing blood testing and transfusion tests...brisk walking around all the time in the lab...good primal lifestyle!

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            I'm also a lawyer - a long-time public defender. I love it I don't discourage people from going to law school as a blanket rule- but I do tell them that they should only go if they REALLY want to be a lawyer. If you are doing it for the wrong reasons (thinking you'll instantly be rich, for example), it's a terrible idea.

            Originally posted by diene View Post
            Lawyer. Worst profession ever. Don't do it. If you know someone who wants to go to law school, tell them emphatically DON'T. DO. IT.

            Other than that, I'm secretly an aspiring novelist. I have three whole pages written. Three. Whole. Pages.


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              I'm an intern right now at the International Crane Foundation raising Whooping Cranes for reintroduction into the wild.
              You are an animal on this planet and the rules of engagement are non negotiable.


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                Originally posted by OutdoorAmy View Post
                Children's Librarian.
                I am a librarian too.
                (And would like to do a real pull-up, if not the Appalachian trail )


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                  I'm currently a stay-at-home mum, but registering as a childminder so will be doing full time childcare from my home once my youngest is in school full time (September). I am also a part-time student, in the last year of a ba(hons) English language and literature.

                  In a previous life (before children) I was in the RAF as an airframe technician


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                    Business director. Hoping to do something to support the Paleo/Primal message after retirement.


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                      Paramedic for a 911 service in SE Texas.

                      As it pertains to the health of typical Americans: I see the obese with their diet drinks, as well as diabetics with sugar free cookies. I hear the complaints of "hereditary hypertension" from people I am sure have never done as much as think about exercise.... I also see generations of the same problems within a single household! (I work in a low socio-economic environment).

                      I work with one Paramedic that has literally assisted in birth of a child in the same house where its grandmother and mother lived and then watched grandmother and then mother die from lifestyle oriented diseases (Hypertension/ type 2 diabetes/etc.) doing CPR in the same spot where they birthed the baby many years ago and have now returned (again, to the same house) to treat that baby whom is in their early 30's with the same medical problems stemming from the same choices of their family...

                      Interestingly, I also meet people that are 80-100 years old in MUCH better shape physically and mentally than the 40 something year olds that make the bulk of my medical patients (as opposed to trauma). I also take time to ask these people their secret to staying so healthy. When they answer with something besides "cutting their front yard grass with scissors" (no joke, 98 year old woman does it for fun) The typical answer is eat bacon/butter or some other primal food....

                      On a side note: I am also an aspiring fantasy novelist with two (nearly three) completed manuscripts with a forth slated for starting/completion by the end of year!


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                        I work in real estate development as a consultant on residential feasibility. It's interesting at times and at times it is tedious.

                        Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                          Canine Appearance Technician
                          (aka...Dog Groomer)
                          Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                            There are some awesome vocations listed here.
                            Very interesting to read
                            "Live Primally, Train Practically, Prepare Tactically..."


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                              Kia Parts Manager.


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                                In grad school studying archaeology, hoping to go into cultural resource management once I graduate.