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The most amazing thing happend to me today because of PB

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  • The most amazing thing happend to me today because of PB

    So when I started PB almost 3 weeks ago, I told myself I'd be allowed to have a cheat day after two weeks. By the time two weeks came around however, Ithe cravings had stopped and I didn't even want one. But today, my bf made me pancakes for breakfast which I couldn't turn down, so I decided to make today my cheat day. But it wasn't even that fun. I didn't even want to eat all the cheat food I bought. I used to eat when I was bored surfing on the computer or watching tv, but today while I was doing these activities I didn't even want the bag of chips sitting next to me. I used to also turn to food (Reeses and chocolate specifically) for comfort if I was feeling stressed and/or depressed. I was so stressed and overwhelmed today (which made depressed) and here's the amazing thing: I didn't even want the chocolate. Like I had a few bites and I just didn't even want any more. Although I had a very stressful and kind of unhappy day, I'm thrilled with this new realization! PB has taught me to eat when I'm hungry. And it's like my tastebuds and their connection to my brain has changed (for the better!) since going primal.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

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    Great job! That is really gool.

    I kind of have the same thing. If I cheat I get a headache and the smell of bread makes me sick to my stomache now.


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      If you had said to me a year ago I should give up wheat and grains I would have stressed about it, but funny thing is now I don't even miss them. I enjoy my food and really don't feel I am missing out. In fact who wants dry dusty grains when you can have yummy meat and cheese.

      I hope you gave your bf a big kiss for making breakfast.
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        Yep, it's happened to my wife and I . We don't have grain cravings any more. We are not just toughing it out either, they are just NOT THERE. When it comes to sweets, one or two small pieces of chocolate and that's it, cravings gone. It's nice to not have to do battle with food cravings anymore.


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          Yes. It's the most amazing feeling in the world to know that I am in control of my food choices and can resist. Not only CAN I resist, I WANT to!

          My mother made strawberry cake for a party yesterday. It's my FAVORITE food in the whole world and she only makes it once or twice a year. I didn't eat a bite, even though I was in charge of cutting and serving it to everyone at the party.


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            I do understand. Was at a play for a friend yesterday and running late so hadn't had time to grab lunch. Usually this is a blueprint for bad eating for me. During intermission I wandered over to the concession area and predictably all that was there was cookies and punch, and I can honestly say I wasn't tempted. I knew that no matter how hungry I was that if I ate that I'd just be even more tired and hungier later as the sugar crash hit.


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              yeah, i can second, or third... (or forth or whatever we're at now) these sentiments. I used to bake all of our bread for the house, with a 8-9 year old sourdough starter i maintain. loved fresh sourdough right out of the oven. I thought my intestinal problems were due to other things, didn't realize it was the flour. now that i've cut them out, i don't miss running to the toilet 5+ times a day, the cramps, etc. And if i have just a bit, i'm reminded on how much that stuff ACTUALLY SUCKS.

              some things are more difficult, but turning down cake, bread, pastries, etc. I've developed almost a psychological aversion to, now that I've associated it with the intestinal issues that plagued me for so long.

              the second part of the hump was associating fat == good. it's infinitely more satisfying to have a high fat diet than a high carb diet. I missed the carbs early on, but man, bacon is GOOD.


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                Always thought if you can focus and commit for 21 days then any habit is breakable. Can't remember where I heard that from but it always sounded reasonable to me. Congrats!!!
                Today is a new day. You will get out of it just what you put into it. If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. And supposing you have tried and failed again and again, you may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'Failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.

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                  I have been primal since the 3rd week of March. Three days into it, I lost all cravings. I haven't even had the inclination to cheat. Even now, for me, "cheating" would just be having extra nuts or fruit, as I no longer want to go near any non primal "food-like substances". This has been a wonderful journey for me so far! I have been so grateful to be free of the constant hunger that never seemed to be satisfied. It's like night and day now, and I'm sleeping, breathing, moving, better and thinking more clearly. No more "brain fog"! Feeling this way really motivates me not to even think of really cheating.