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    So I'm tracking my food intake (not really seriously, just trying to get a general measure of my macros, as I'm very new to Primal) on MyFitnessPal and I made the mistake of checking out the "community".... has anyone realized how much terrible advice there is out in the world today?! It makes me so angry and sad that people believe "going to Taco Bell once in awhile is totally fine" and "Subway is the healthiest fast food restaurant out there". People are so complacent about what they're putting into their bodies, it scares me. I could say much more on that subject but just wanted to get a little venting out, sorry.


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    Mfp comments are cesspool! I still go sometimes but yeah, I would ignore a lot of the advice.


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      I can't even read sites like that, they do my head in... six small grain-based meals a day for appetite control, fast food is great in moderation, butter is evil and sunflower oil is ace, etc etc.

      It's mental contamination because no matter how strongly we may believe we're doing the right thing, expose yourself to enough people saying otherwise and you might begin to waver - not saying it WILL happen but we're social animals, so it's a definite risk, and there's a few bits of solid of research to show we default to the same levels of body fat and health as the people we're most in contact with in our offline lives.

      I'm as careful what I put in my mind these days as I am what I put in my stomach.


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        I use MFP pretty much to track and really try to stay out of the forums, too much drama and too much bad advice.
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          I use MFP to keep track of food and weight loss, but that's really it. The forums have way too much CW BS.
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            Lots of hateful people on those forums. And Trolls. Someone will ask about paleo/primal, and they will totally shoot them down. I try to answer when I can. There is more than one way that works for people, and for many it is a journey - what worked at first (CW) doesn't work the whole way through.

            I do like the food tracking. And exercise tracking. I am finally seeing small results now that I am getting stronger and can exercise some. Tracking food is a must for me too - I LOVE to eat, and eat out of habit, even when not hungry. It is really amazing that I am not obese and only slightly overweight.


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              I also use MFP to track what I eat. I like reading the forums for shits n giggles. CrazyCatLady you are so right about them shooting down the primal/paleo/eating clean etc way of eating. It makes me cringe when someone posts just to criticize eating plans that do not fit their eating "everything in moderation" crap mindset.


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                CrazyCatLady you are so right about them shooting down the primal/paleo/eating clean etc way of eating.
                There is one (pretty young) guy who is always telling everybody how he eats taco bell and subway and all manner of fast food daily. And then there are people constantly accusing everyone of being orthorexic for staying away from twinkies and yelling 'eat all the foods'. It's a pretty nutso place, but I like their tracker!