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Anyone have their sense of smell change?

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  • Anyone have their sense of smell change?

    Okay, this is a bit weird. A week or two after I cut out all sugar and artificial stuff in my diet, I found that certain things smelled completely different from how they did before. Like, my body wash and my hair stuff smell like completely new products now, even though they're the same containers that I've had since before this. Same with cleaning chemicals, soap, and lotion. Some foods smell different now too, but that's kind of expected--candy smelling sickly and the like.

    Anyone else notice this?

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    Smell and taste. Some people here told me it was a zinc deficiency. I have no idea but sometimes it is quite overwhelming and sometimes quite intolerable. I haven't tried a zinc suppliment.
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      I find both my sense of smell and taste have gotten sharper. My favorite chinese fast food place now makes me want to gag just walking by because I can smell the yucky oils they use.

      Sad eating just sort of dulls your senses. That's why most packaged foods are either overly sweet or overly salted. They are appealing to people with zombie tastebuds.


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        I find the stale bread smell overpowering when I walk through the bread aisle of the supermarket. I don't understand how people can think it smells good.


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          Yes. I walked into my daughter's room earlier today and had to ask "Why does it smell like fresh paint in here?" It was one of those Glade plug-in fragrance things. She laughed because it smelled fine to her. I can also smell fabric softener on people using the treadmill next to mine at the gym. Sometimes it's so overpowering, I have to move. I never reacted strongly to odors in the past.
          As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again.


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            Same thing for me Jennifla - I can smell peoples laundry soap or fabric softener as they approach me when I'm on the trail. It astonishes me how much salt/sugar we use to cover up bad tastes and then liberally cover up our bad smells w/ synthetics.

            Sense of smell did increase a fair bit for me after going Primal, even tho' I always had a sharp sense of smell. Be glad we have it--they theorize that loss of smell is symptom of higher risk of dementia/alzheimer development.

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              My sense of smell is definitely sharper. I attribute it to allergic inflammation decreasing. Every year pre-PB at my physical, my doc would look in my nose, note my nasal passages looked inflamed and suggest I get on allergy meds. I always said, "naw, they're not that bad." Two years on and off of PB and people's laundry/perfume smells are often overwhelming though no one else can even smell what I smell.


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                Most definitely. I cannot tolerate the way cakes from commercial bakeries smell. Weird and chemical laden, more like a science fair project than dessert. And those crappy body sprays. Barf.

                And has anyone noticed that their own, ahem, BO is pretty tolerable? Someone was complaining today about people needing to wash their hair every day because it stinks and she's tired of smelling it. My only thought was what are those people eating?
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                  I'd like to have an improvement in sense of smell, but none yet ; I've got almost no sense of smell. I do notice foods taste better, and am surprised how sweet vegs taste now - celery used to always taste like soap to me, now it actually has a nice, kinda sweet flavour.

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                    I have to hold my breath when I walk past fast food places, particularly fish 'n' chips and chinese takeaways. It just makes me gag. I think it might be the oils they use.
                    Also, store brought pizza's are starting to smell disgusting as well. >shrugs<


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                      I can't say my experience is positive or something I would categorize as "more natural." I often have an unpleasant metallic or metal taste which sometimes morphs into a phantom taste/smell like mint oil only different. Sometimes I sit down to eat a perfectly healthy thing like a steak and I just can't stand the smell and can't eat it. A couple of weeks ago I gave a bag of apples away because I got them home and just couldn't stand the taste of apple.

                      Though I was probably always sensitive- I had a wall built into my kitchen because I can't stand the open floor plan where one's entire house smells like kitchen.
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