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Anyone try Quest Protein Bars.....

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    Me too but as I said I'm gonna be on the beach with no real food to speak of so I need a decent fix so as to not indulge in appropriately.


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      "Epic Bars" if you can find them. A little pricey, but all Primal/Paleo. And good too(although the Turkey is a little on the dry side).
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        I eat these pretty often and like them. the raspberry white chocolate is absolutely delicious (but I only rarely pick that flavor because it's got sucralose), and the higher-fat ones are far more satiating than the lower-fat ones -- keep that in mind if you're using them as a meal replacement.

        Last semester, during finals week, I was eating 2 a day as meal replacements, plus a third meal of meat and vegetables. Lost weight, obviously, because of the reduction of calories.

        A note if you're diabetic (I'm not, but I've researched the bars heavily and came across some interesting articles): despite the low number of "net carbs", some diabetics experience blood sugar spikes from the bars... it's unclear why, though.


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          Thank you for suggesting these. I used to do the protein bars back when I was first beginning to get more into "health food", but dropped them after concluding it's just a candy bar. If the SO approves, I'll pick up their variety pack and see how it goes.