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Two weeks in and have some interesting changes happening? Normal?

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  • Two weeks in and have some interesting changes happening? Normal?

    So I have been primal for 2 weeks now. Beginning 5ft 7 in and 210 lbs..ICK! I have lost 6 lbs in the last two weeks which is wonderful and VERY encouraging. I have some very interesting things going on in my body and wanted to share in case any other beginners are noticeing this or experts can let me know if this is all the norm.

    1. I am NEVER hungry. Seriously..never. Before I began this journey, I was hungry ALL the time. Now when my stomach growls, I think, "Hm. I guess I should probably eat.", but I am never in a hurry. I just find something when I have time.

    2. I have NO cravings for anything. Nothing. I am not missing bread and noodles and soda and fake foods. Its very weird. I have always enjoyed veggies but previously if I had been giving the choice between a carrot and a cookie, the cookie would totally win. Now, I would not even think about having a cookie or chips or a slice of bread.

    3. Beer! I was SOOO worried about giving up beer. I still have a beer now and then but now its a glass or maybe two and then I am content and done. And I don't want to have a beer every day like before. It used to be hard to get through the day without thinking about quitting time so I could have a beer. Now, I could care less. I am more content to have a glass of beer or maybe a glass of wine. Most nights, I just have a bottle or two of water while watching TV in the evening.

    4. When I think about having bread, noodles, packaged foods...I almost gag.

    This is all so NOT my norm. Am I just destined to be a grok girl? Has anyone else noticed changes in your brain and your thoughts this quickly when switching to primal eating?

    Anyhow...I just wanted to share my experiences so far. I can wait to see what the next 2 weeks will bring!! GROK ON!!!

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    Sounds as though you moved past any carb-flu very quickly, congrats on that, the carb-flu is one of the biggest hurdles you face when going Primal.

    As for your points, yes, I was also one of those "always hungry" types. The joke at my old job was meetings could not go past my threshold, because once I was hungry I was one bitter critter. Once I went Primal, that went away almost immediately. I'm to the point now where I am IF'ing with almost zero conscious effort, it just happens that I'm not really hungry until noon or later.

    Cravings also lessen or disappear entirely once you are really feeding your body quality foods. For a fun experiment, buy a candy bar (not a high quality one, one from the checkout aisle at the grocery). I couldn't eat more than a bite of mine (Butterfinger, which I used to adore) the "chocolate" was so gross and tasted like wax. Many processed foods that I used to love I simply have lost the taste for entirely.

    Can't speak to the beer, I've never been a big beer drinker. I do know there are gluten-free beers on the market now, which makes it less damaging, but I wouldn't worry much if you aren't drinking it daily.

    Congrats on your early successes, keep up the good work!


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      I think when you give yourself the time and space to really hear your body, it will tell you what it wants. I'm experiencing the same things - no cravings, unending energy, my mood is *kapow* great, and I do NOT miss eating crap. I mean, sometimes I miss the TASTE of enchiladas or mashed potatoes, but I don't miss how I felt after, for days after.

      Congratulations on the 6 pound loss! That is so great, way to go!
      I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled. ~P. G. Wodehouse


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        Terrific! Glad the switch has been so easy, and really seems like your doing well. Keep up the good work!