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How do you lower triglycerides?

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    Cholesterol is overrated as a risk factor. I've had a somewhat elevated LDL and total for years, have a coronary calcium score of ZERO and a carotid arterial age of 16 (I'm 60.)

    If you want to lower trigs, and elevate HDL, a low carb moderate protein high fat diet is almost certain to do it. Of course avoid the seed oils etc and don't fear saturated fat. When my HDL went from 45 to 77 in six months my cardiologist friend was stunned; he'd never seen such a thing. But it's well known in the low carb community.

    We really don't have studies to ascertain the risk of LDL in paleo people like us who have very low insulin, high HDL, low trigs but perhaps some elevation of LDL. It's a big unknown, but I'm betting that eating real food, avoiding carbage, etc is my best wager.

    Doc Jim
    10/2/12: 169 lbs, 37"waist
    Now: low 150's, 33" waist


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      Originally posted by burnham View Post
      I've been Primal for 1 month and feel great. I haven't been in to get blood work done since last September where my numbers were:
      Well your TG/HDL ratio sucked back then, but that is almost certainly going to be better now that you are on a paleo diet.

      But you won't know until you go get rechecked. I'd say get rechecked at the 3 month mark. That is plenty of time for blood numbers to move assuming you stick to the diet.