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Primal living and carbon footprint

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  • Primal living and carbon footprint

    What kind of an effect does it have?
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    I would imagine a good one if you buy local, organic, and follow guidelines like that. It's all the commercial farms and GMO that has a blatant disregard for our environment.
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      No more or less than anyone else, imo. It all depends on the choices you make. The one who buys meat and vegies that are in season and locally sourced, or grown themselves, or harvested from the wild has a significantly lower footprint than someone getting their fruit shipped in from Ecuador and eating tofu made from soybeans from big ag. At the same time, if you're buying CAFO meat and the same fruit from Ecuador, then yeah.


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        Offset it against the money, resources and all the evils of drug development that are wasted battling obesity caused by incorrect diet, the medical research which involves horrible deaths for tens of thousands of lab animals, only to turn out products that won't even make it to clinical trials... and, I doubt whether those mobility scooters, dialysis machines, or the whole range of bariatric gear needed by massively obese people is very great either.

        I looked into raw vegan food and right away, the sheer reliance upon air-mile heavy foods like avocadoes, nuts and other things outright appalled me, apart from the fuel it seemed such a dependent way of living, and one thing that I always hated about being vegetarian was that very few pulses grow naturally in the British Isles, so all my core staples like lentils and kidney beans were being imported, whereas now I can eat a cow that was born, raised and slaughtered not 20 miles from here.

        For the bigger picture, I personally think that we're headed towards an ice age, based on various reading including (to reference something some of you may have to hand) the chart in Gedgaudas's book, but I realise that's a fringe opinion and won't carry much weight with most people.


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          A larger foot print indicates a bigger member I am told.


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            You know what they say about big feet - The Meta Picture
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