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Dropping a primal hint

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  • Dropping a primal hint

    My tramping friend is complaining of various aches and pains, and some sort of progressive disease and she believes there is nothing she can do about it. The only advice she has received regarding diet was to avoid grapefruit and fortified vitamin c (whatever that may be).

    In the end I dropped a hint that it might be worth trying a "less inflammatory" diet to see if that helped.

    Her: What's inflammatory?
    Me: Sugar and grains.
    Her: I need sugar, I don't eat many grains.
    Me (who had just eaten lunch with her): Sandwich, cookie, biscuits, slice, quiche with pastry...
    Her: There was no pastry on the quiche.

    I left it at that, I truly don't know if there is anything she can do about her problems, but I would think that a good look at nutrition couldn't hurt.
    Annie Ups the Ante

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    Bummer, why not print her out Mark's post on grains and maybe the one on saturated fats, and point her towards Weston A. price, who I found very easy to take on board when I was first learning about a different way of eating, since they appeal primarily to "common sense" and ancestral wisdom, rather than any specific macro-nutrient thingy?


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      Sounds like conversations we have all had.