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  • Help with weight loss

    Hi everyone, I am new to the primal lifestyle and need some help.
    I decided to start primal eating because I love everything about it and really believe in the principles. I have been doing it for two weeks now and have put on 3kg (6.6lb). I need to lose around 15 kg but dont want to stop following the primal blueprint. Everywhere i read there are people losing a lot of weight on this 'diet', can anyone offer suggestions as to what im doing wrong?
    My average daily food is:
    Breakfast. Yoghurt (plain)
    Lunch, either leftovers or bacon and eggs (cooked in butter)
    Dinner. Meat and vege or one of the other recipes on here

    I do all my cooking in butter and someone told me tjis is really bad for weight gain so perhaps i should stop this?
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Hi there, skip breakfast and work out while fasting in the morning. Keep the rest up, maybe restrict your higher carb amount in the evening. Once a week, binge on potatoes You can make decent "French fries" with little fat in the oven


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      Please tell us a bit more : What is your current height and weight? Also age and gender? What quantities of these foods are you eating? Are you exercising?
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        Hey there, have you read the Primal Blueprint book? I highly recommend you start with that! It will clarify all your concerns about butter.
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          Either eat a good breakfast, or skip it entirely. Having a snack in the morning removes the benefit of fasting while possibly signaling to your body that food is not plentiful.


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            Just as an experiment, lose the yogurt, eggs, and bacon. For breakfast have dinner leftovers. Increase your veggie intake. You never know what your body is reacting to, and milk, eggs, and processed meats are notorious.

            If you can do it (and should be able to if you eat a healthy primal dinner), skip breakfast, and have a lunch of veg and protein (about 200 grams-ish) cooked in coconut oil or other healthy fat. Do the same at dinner. Remember, lots of veggies! Also, you will want to increase your water intake and make sure you get plenty of sleep (we lose weight while sleeping).

            Good luck!


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              Wow thanks for all your helpful replies. Had to laugh at your suggestion of sleeping well Rusty! I have two little boys and am up many times a night!

              I have the book and will reread it.
              I am 28, female and 5 3" i weigh 149lb. I dont do alot of excercise but ivwalk alot, about an hour a day. I do have a large helping at dinner so perhaps i need to cut that down!
              I will try skipping breakfast (its funny cause i have always been told this is bad for weight loss), and will try skipping the bacon and eggs (even though they are my favourite primal food).
              Thanks everyone, will update with how i go!


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                You don't have to cut out the foods you enjoy (bacon,eggs). I would recommend tracking calories for a week to see how many you're consuming, and cut back slowly from there.

                There's no need to be restrictive. You just need a starting point.
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