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So I got into an argument with my Doctor today...

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    Originally posted by L0kI View Post
    I think that while doctors in general are very smart and diligent, certainty is compelling and they get sucked into *believing* rather than evaluating. It's very hard to convince people otherwise when they've developed a belief. I would challenge her to a science-off... Go one for one on articles (unfortunately you'll need to read her propaganda to be fair)... You won't convince her in the short term, but if you can get her to do some reading, doubts will creep into her certainties and if she is intellectually curious, as I hope most doctors are, she may eventually start to seek out more information and slowly change her views. It's like getting healthy... It won't change over night. I have a degree in nutrition and I still have a hard time with 'saturated fat is good'... I still have a reflex that was built into me from my education. It all takes time.
    Side note, I find medical doctors quite effective for acute needs, but chronic issues never seem to be notably resolved. I think an integrated approach is the ticket.
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Oscar Wilde

    I start every semester for my students with that quote.
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      This is why I don't talk with my doctor about my diet. What I am doing is trying to search around for a doctor, within my same HMO, who has had additional training in nutrition. So far no luck. But I see no point in antagonizing the doctor I have. Although he's CW, he takes my "No" pretty well.
      "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase