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    Originally posted by counterpuncher View Post
    Fasting will put your body under stress, and increase the production of cortisol, and should probably be avoided by those who already have a good amount of stress in their lives.
    I don't think that's necessarily true for everyone. I've been doing IF for almost a year and a half and I lost 60 lbs. I Implemented primal eating a couple months in but I didn't start exercising until recently. I've maintained my weight loss for 10 months. Everyone responds to fasting differently. Some people simply aren't hungry so there's no stress being added by skipping a meal or two.


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      I am a diehard was my personal breakthrough to get single-digit BF, works well with my schedule, and saves money.I can't find much better than that

      Fasting is most always going to be hypocaloric, so you are almost guaranteed to lose weight on it, unless you get stupid when you DO eat. Trying to go full primal, or God help you paleo, while on a short eating window will take an enormous amount of discipline. I would not recommend that unless you are really feeling confident. It is an advanced technique because of that...when you fail doing IF, you tend to fail big time.

      Most helpful tips are to break the fast around the same time each day for ghrelin's sake, and to make your last meal of the day very high in fat to give you satiety to the next meal. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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        I think of IF as the schedule designed to minimize stress. Of course depleting your protein and electrolytes is a stressor, but watching the clock, locating food in a desolate environment, preparing, cleaning, and digesting are all stressors as well--so shift them to when you can best handle them.

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          I noticed that coffee near the middle of a fast is a bad have no calories to absorb the caffeine... and your cortisol bumps up when it is not supposed to duringn a fast.

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            Books re: intermittent fasting -

            The Fast Diet by Michael Mosely - It's very interesting. He is a doctor and has gone into some of the benefits of fasting in the book. His method is to fast 2 days and eat regularly 5 days. On your 2 fast days, if you're female you can have 500 calories and 600 calories if male. I've decided to try it. This is my second week. His main reason for fasting is health - weight loss is secondary. He has no problems with caffeinated drinks.

            Another advocate of intermittent fasting is Brad Pilon. He's written Eat Stop Eat - It's supposed to be similar to the above book. It's only available through his website at around $37 so I haven't seen it, just read about it on the internet.