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First Week Going Primal!!

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  • First Week Going Primal!!

    Tomorrow will wrap up my first week of beginning my path on the Primal Lifestyle. I have to admit, I was wayyyy easier than I thought! I'm not one for numerous forum postings and followings....BUT I had to share. I thought giving up carbs was going to be a nightmare for me. I had done this in the past with diet programs and I couldn't handle it. I even attempted to have a cheat meal (pho) my favorite! I couldn't eat the noodles it wasn't even so much that I couldn't... I just didn't want to. Amazing. Even today at work a business that was soliciting came in to give us scrumptious ooey-gooey just baked cookies. I. didn't. even. want. one. bite. of. one! I'm such a sucker for sweets, so thats huge for me. I usually can never say no!

    I feel great and I'm never starving. I started crosffit and even after a workout I don't feel depleted like I have to stuff my face with a ton of carbs to recover.

    Can't wait to see what the next weeks bring!

    Yay! Have a great weekend y'all