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Recovering from a night of not-so-great sleep?

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  • Recovering from a night of not-so-great sleep?

    About once a week, I experience a night of bad sleep (1-2 fewer hours than normal) that leaves me physically weak and mentally drained for two or more days afterwards, and I feel like I need to stay in bed all day to recover. The symptoms feel like that might be indicative of chronic inflammation- muscle mass loss, dehydration, skin irritation, fast heart rate.

    I've been following the Primal eating plan for some time, and I recently dropped my workout load from 4-5 days a week of long-duration HIIT and cycling to 3 shorter sessions, long walks and a weekly sprint.

    Other than the one bad night a week, I sleep great and feel rested, but the tossing and turning usually comes at the end of a week of training (possibly due to inflammation). It also seems to coincide with an increase in stress.

    Any idea what could be happening here? And if not, what are some solutions that could help me recover faster if the symptoms are caused only by the missed sleep?