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  • Primal Lifestyle for Quadriplegic

    Hey all,

    New to the forum & new to PB (only been a couple weeks). I jumped in as a couple of friends of mine have been hardcore for a while, and their results have been great. I'm all for it, as my heartburn immediately went away and I'm feeling much better, so soon.

    So, my question: my wife is a high-functioning quadriplegic, meaning she can move her arms & head, but doesn't have hand functionality (or leg functionality, obviously).

    Because her range of motion is so limited, she has always counted her calories religiously in order to maintain her weight/lose weight. She's interested in PB, but unsure if it'll be worthwhile for her (main goal being weight/fat loss) as she can't do any real weight lifting, cardio, or even basic workouts like walking.

    So, my question to you: would PB help her in weight/fat loss even without any physical activity, more than Weight Watchers/consuming low calories? I've read the 80/20 rule regarding body composition, so I think it will, but I'd like to hear some input from more experienced PBers.


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    well, being an occupational therapy student, my first question is what level is her injury, and is she getting OT and/or PT?

    an OT might be able to help her come up with some modified exercises. for example, we've discussed using therabands instead of weights for resistance in class. There are also some fabulous chair-based aerobics programs.


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      Yes, a primal diet will be much more beneficial to her than WW or any other high carb plan. With low carbs, she should be able to eat more calories, and the primal emphasis on un-processed foods is the healthiest way of eating for all of us.

      If you're in doubt, you might want to check out Gary Taubes' Good Calories/Bad Calories because he shows how so many 'assumptions' about food are based on faulty research and how the standard American diet is terrible for us.


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        Okay cool. moonablaze, she does have limited ability to do so resistance band work, so perhaps we should get back on that train. I think she's C5/6, but don't quote me on that.

        emmie, thanks for the input. I'll check out that book!


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          I don't know about weight loss, but I do know that a lot of what I thought were chronic/just the way my body is issues went away when I started primal. (Congestion, rumbly digestion, other low grade issues . . )


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            can she do a sitting pressure release? she may be able to do something of a modified chair dip in the same way. there are SO many things people with SCIs can do, don't underestimate her (or let her underestimate herself)!