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Is self made natural organic deodorant good to use.

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  • Is self made natural organic deodorant good to use.

    it is a fact that in present time most of the deodorant contain harsh chemical compounds,which can seriously harm your body skin..So that i am looking for selfmade natural organic deodorant that can help to keep me fresh all day long.

    And i am also interested in this cause many different people have there own kind of home making technique and review are quite good then they expected..

    I am not very used to it... but i want to try it what is better for this.

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    For a while I used baking soda. Sometimes I had to reapply it during the day.


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      I don't use deodorant. Thats right. Bathe in my manliness!


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        I have been debating about trying this for the same reasons

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          I just rub baking soda into my underarms while they are still moist from the shower. Seems to work pretty well.
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            Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
            For a while I used baking soda. Sometimes I had to reapply it during the day.
            Seconded. I've been doing it for about a week and it seems to work just as well as deodorant. Don't think I've needed to reapply, tho (not to mention that it'd be hard to do that while at work anyway).
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              I use this recipe (with lavender oil) and I really like it.

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                I use coconut oil and then dust 'em with a mixture of baking soda, arrowroot powder and essential oils in a powder puff.

                I'd kinda like to try that primal pit paste but I'm being a little 'cheap' right now.
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                  Yes to the diy deoderants above with coconut oil and baking soda. BUT i found that the baking soda "dusted" my black tank tops, so i needed one for summer. This one works: spray bottle, 1/2 with rubbing alcohol and 1/2 with witch hazel (actually i did 1/4 alc and 3/4 witch hazel), some organic essential oils (i use lavender and grapefruit). Spritz away! Works wonderfully!


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                    I'm trying out just coconut oil today. I will add some baking soda if it's not enough. I also read a recipe with more ingredients that you can pour into an old cleaned roll up deodorant dispenser, thinking about that too. That one had some pro-biotic in it as well, the room temp stable type. Maybe I'll add that to the baking soda as I progress in this experiment.