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  • finding a friendly primary care physician


    I'm new to the United States and finding a doctor here so I could use some assistance. I tried and to find a primal/paleo friendly doc but there are none here in Las Vegas, NV.

    Any tips on finding someone who gets it with respect to this lifestyle? I mostly just want someone to look at my test results and offer advice.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Try a search for docs on the institute for functional medicine. That's how I found my current primal-friendly physician.


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      Thanks Dulcimina!

      Unfortunately in Las Vegas there is only a OBGYN and a chiropractor available on that website. Neither is quite what I'm looking for.


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        Are you female? In the US system where we spend money on healthcare like it grows on trees, your insurance company is required to let you treat a GYN like a primary care (if you are a woman). It is totally stupid and jacks up the cost of primary care, but that's what we do.
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          I have had a reasonably good experience with a D.O. rather than an M.D. She is knowledgable about recent research (such as it is, lol), relaxed about things like home birth and custom vaccine regimens and has usually referred me to excellent specialists. I've heard their training is more holistic than regular medical school. As far as I know, they can do anything an M.D. can. For example, I know one who is training to be a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

          I pretty much manage my own health care though. I think you need to be prepared to do that.
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            No, I'm a male. 32yo, performance athlete but not a pro athlete, desk jockey, mostly in good health and rarely get sick but just need someone to refer me to get blood tests, things of that nature.


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              Originally posted by akqjt View Post
              No, I'm a male. 32yo, performance athlete but not a pro athlete, desk jockey, mostly in good health and rarely get sick but just need someone to refer me to get blood tests, things of that nature.
              Same boat here. I have no chronic issues and decent insurance but it would be nice to get an annual physical that's more than just total weight and total cholesterol...

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                Yeah, so annoying the way that insurance works -- something is basically free if your physician refers it, and a bunch of money if you go do it on your own. How is that efficient?


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                  Just look for a DO. Nutrition isn't something you discuss much with doctors anyway. I'm celiac and had one doctor tell me going gluten free wasn't worth the trouble. He's not my doctor anymore.


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                    find a doctor you like and use him/her for bloodwork or any other lab tests so they get covered, but seek out somebody more holistically inclined to fine-tune things.

                    have yet to find a doctor who knows anything about remotely modern nutrition.

                    my last doctor nearly popped a blood vessel trying to explain why i didn't "need" my vitamin d levels checked when i requested it. (not the only reason he is fired, btw.)
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                      +1 to trying DO's. I recently switched from a hide bound MD to a DO and I'm very happy.

                      BTW, my paternal grandfather and grandmother were DO's.
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